Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Specials: Made in Candy

Hello guys,

SO just recently, I learned that apparently, trick or treating is now practiced in our country... and well, I have no candies to give out. I'm sure some of you also share this dilemma or not. Anyway, for those of you looking for candies to give out whether it's for the coming Halloween, or you just want some sweet treat probably for Christmas, we present to you, Made In Candy.

Made In Candy (M.I.C.) is a store specializing in handmade  rock candies... here's how they started.

It all started with a fascination for art and a very sudden
flight to Australia to learn the basic skills of Rock Candy making. This followed by a year of
hard work, sweat, and self-experimentation before finally taming heavy, hot, melted
sugar into masterpieces of Candy art. In the year 2009, Candy Chef Wayne could finally
leverage on his own Artisan craft to open Asia’s first Candy Kitchen in Singapore.
-official press release

They actually make the rock candies in the store. You can have them make a specialized candy for any occasion you may think of. For them Candy is more than just a sweet delicacy; it’s a symbolic
tribute- as well as a perfect gift to bring meaning to someone. The store assistants are the actual CandyMen/Candy Artisans who make the candies. They have about 40 different flavors and designs in the store for you to choose from. All flavors and ingredients are imported from Europe and processed in Singapore. Here are samples of the candies they make: (all photos provided for by M.I.C.)

So, if you're aching for some sweets to give away, to hoard, or to just enjoy, then pop on to Rockwell’s Powerplant Mall from October to December and see them in action. Their store in Rockwell is located at one of the connecting bridgeways on the second level.

Come and see what's in store... you might just be in for a treat. :)

Hope this solves your holiday candy dilemmas. I know mine will. :)



  1. They all look so cute! My favorite is the guitar shaped lollipop! I'd love to get someday!

  2. this will be a great xmas gift!! thanks for sharing ^_~