Saturday, February 16, 2013

Review : Snoe Here Comes the Sunblock

Hi guys!

A month ago, my sis and I went to Cebu and Bohol for a 2 week vacation.
Since I know that we will be out in the sun, I made sure to bring sunblock to avoid major skin darkening.

Since we had to travel light, I bought a bottle of...
Snoe Here Comes the Sunblock

The name is so catchy. Beatles!! I feel like singing when I read it. Haha!
This 100ml bottle is around Php 250.
I bought it because the bottle is easy to carry as we travel and I'm actually a fan of Snoe's skincare products. :P

Let's look at the label first, shall we?
A better version of this can be seen in the website. :)

It's interesting that it's made of singkamas. I'm not fond of eating it but I sure love to put it on my skin. Haha! And it's also nice to know that it is Paraben-free! :)

Snoe actually has another Sunblock, the Suntervention, which has more SPF. I bought this because I know I won't be going to the beach unless it's around early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Good thing for me too is that the weather was very cloudy during our stay. :P

So the product looks like this...

It has an 'instant white' property when applied. You should spread it out evenly and fast though, especially if your skin is in the tanner side. If not, it will dry up and would look like this:

The cream would dry and would be very visible. My sis is currently way tanner now and her legs had those white patches. But when spread quickly, it does give a nice glow to your skin. It's easy to spread anyway since it really is non-greasy and it gets absorbed by the skin pretty well!

The scent is pretty awesome too! I like it! It's singkamas but with a sweeter and cleaner scent! I'm actually addicted to it. Before, I keep forgetting to use sunblock, now I don't since I can't wait to use it! Haha!

It's a daily sunblock for me. I believe SPF 45 is enough for everyday in the city since I barely stay out in the sun. But for beaches or swimming trips, I advice to get a sunblock with higher SPF. :P

So do I recommend this? Absolutely! It's affordable and performs well! 
And if you want an instant pinkish white glow, they also have a version of this in pink, Here Comes the Sunblock: Instant Rosy White Perfection. I believe it is priced the same if not mistaken. 

Have you tried this product yet?
What do you think about it?



  1. If you love the scent, you must check out their "tropical cocktail" range of shower gel, lotion, and fragrance - it smells just like this sunblock, super bango! :D

  2. I looove this one too! I use this one day and night. I'm that maarte with skincare..haha



  3. I'm glad you liked the product. There's nothing more disappointing when buying a product and finding out that it doesn't work well. I might give this product a miss since I don't think it's easily locatable in Sydney. Thanks for the review!~ ^^


  4. Hi.. can I apply it also on my face? I just bought one..

    1. I believe it's okay but I think it would be better if you get a sunblock that is made especially for the face. :)