Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Body Shop Introduces Lily Cole Makeup and Pulse Store MOA

Bonjour ladies!

The Body Shop recently opened their new Pulse Store in MOA last Thursday, June 22 2012 and had a fabulous blogger event yesterday! Of course, being avid The Body Shop fans, Dawn and Liz went to see the new Pulse Store for ourselves.

Here we are posing in front of The Body Shop wall with fellow blogger and our newly adopted sister, Helen. ♥

So what's so different with the new store? The new Pulse Store greets it's buyers with a very homey and welcoming feel. With it's brighter and fresher look, everyone will surely be enticed to take a peek inside.The whole feel is like coming to your eco friendly home to relax and keeping with that theme, they set up the house's garden just a few steps outside the store.

Of course, what we all love about The Body Shop are it's advocacies and how we, as consumers, can be part of that in our little ways. The Body Shop put up this wall outside to show what they stand for, and they have a mini wall for us too in the store where we can share what we stand for and what we've done towards that goal.

Upon walking inside the store, you are immediately greeted by their new Lily Cole Make-up line that just screams beauty without cruelty!

Here's a question for you all, what did they use for Lily Cole's eyeshadow? :)

So the Lily Cole Makeup line is 100% cruelty free meaning no animals were hurt in the making of this makeup line. The line consists of (from left to clockwise starting with the puff, photo below) Puff on Radiance,  Pearl Radiance Primer, Lip and Cheek Dome, Shimmer cubes, and Liquid Eyeliner. The other two included in the collection but not in the photo below are the Mini Hi-Shine Lip Treatments and Mini Brush Set.

So basically, the store greets you with what's in the shop then on to the Story Selling Table, which basically tells you the Top 10 best selling products of that store.

For MOA's The Body Shop Store, the top 10 best sellers are:

Each store has their own top 10 so the contents of this table differs from one store to another. So do check out what's your store's top 10! :)

The products are beautifully displayed on the shelves with their respective Community Fair Trade Ingredients for you to be well informed of where your product comes from. And the best of all, of course, is the make up booth at the end where you can get free makeovers, whenever you need that little extra feel good factor.

Also, my favorite... the hand massage section, where you get to try their new beautifying oils and a free hand massage to boot. :)

The sisters get their hands massaged from Vel!
Look at how happy Dawn is for the relaxing massage her tired, talented hands deserve.

What is an event without food?

Liz got to try the free makeover. :)

And here is Liz after. :)

Dawn applied for her LYB membership card that day and bought her own Moringa Beautifying Oil, Puff Radiance, and Nail Buffer.
Along with her purchases, she got the Seaweed Cleanser and Toner Duo and Olive Body Butter as freebies.
The Body Shop also provided us with our own press kits which consisted of the:
1. Pearl Radiance Primer
2. Lip and Cheek Dome
3. Shimmer cubes
and Liz's favorite
4. Spa Fit Intense Toning Concentrate

Watch out for the reviews ladies. :)

Have you visited the new Pulse Store? What did you guys think?



  1. Waaa! Ang layo ng MOA samin pero the store is awesome :D

  2. It is! Don't worry! Some branches of The Body Shop will be converted to a pulse store din! :D