Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Review : Heroine Make Kiss Me Volume and Curl Mascara

Hello loves!

Mascara is one of those makeup that can make a huge difference on one's face. It can brighten the eyes even without any eyeshadow or eyeliner. It's absolutely one of my must-haves in my makeup routine.

I've discovered and fallen in-love with a number of good mascaras but I'm always open on trying out other ones. I get super happy when I find something really good and that's what happened when I tried this one from Heroine Make...

Heroine Make Kiss Me Volume and Curl Mascara
Php 595.00

I actually got this product during the launch of the brand 3 weeks ago. During the launch was the first time I was able to use any product from the brand and I really enjoyed playing with them. I'm happy that I was able to take home three. :D

So anyway, let's get back to the review. Here are some product info from the back of the packaging:

It promises the three things I look for in a mascara—curl, volume, and waterproof!

The packaging is a hot pink tube with a black cap with lace designs. I'm not really a fan of the design... I'm confused whether it's trying to be cute and princessy or simple and elegant... anyway, I guess it's just not my taste. I like the simple shape though because it's easy to carry around your vanity kit.

This mascara is black and it holds 6g amount of product.

I'm not a fan of the scent because it is sort of chemical-ish. But you will only notice it if you actually sniff the product. You'll barely notice it when you use it since it is applied on the lashes. :P

I forgot to take a pic of the wand. I'll try to insert one sometime soon. Anyway, the wand is medium size and it gets more narrow at the tip so that it would be easier to apply on the lashes at the inner corners of the eyes and on the lower lashes.

Let's see how it works on my lashes!

Bare lashes

When curled

One coat

Two coats

Three coats

The formula dries fast when applied so applying more than two coats can result to spider lashes. But at least I don't get any clumping... I still recommend you to stop at two coats, especially if you have long lashes already.

Here are my eyes with two coats of the mascara

See? Looks better, right?

I super love that it retains the curl of my lashes. Actually, even without an eyelash curler, this mascara makes my lashes look great because my lashes are naturally curled and this just retains them while also elongating them.

It's very long lasting. It lasts the whole day without smudging! Not even on the lower lash line like some mascaras I've used before. It's actually waterproof! It's so good but be prepared to do an extra effort in removing this because just like many waterproof makeup, it takes time to completely remove this. Just make sure to have a good eye makeup remover handy.

So it retains the curled lashes and is waterproof... but how's the volumizing part? I actually don't see much added volume to be honest. I think this made my lashes look longer... so it is more like a lengthening than a volumizing mascara. I like the effect but I just prefer my lashes with more volume.

So let's sum this all up!

What I LIKE:

- Waterproof
- Easy to use
- Lengthening
- Dries fast after application
- Retains the curl of my lashes
- No smudging
- Locally available
- Affordable
- No clumping
- No allergic reaction in my part


- Scent
- Doesn't give much volume

Would I repurchase?
Maybe not because I am eyeing the other mascara from the same brand. The one with black packaging that promises both volume and length! Wooot!

I definitely recommend this mascara. I really like it because it makes my lashes look so long like that of a doll's! It's really good and it's still within my budget!

So what are your thoughts on Heroine Make's Kiss Me Volume and Curl Mascara? Would you consider trying this out?


Monday, September 29, 2014

Review : Too Cool For School Eye Design Box Eye Makeup Multi Kit in #1 Black Kit

Hey loves!

Looking for more products that have multi-functions? Then you should check out this one from Too Cool For School...

Too Cool For School Eye Design Box Eye Makeup Multi Kit
This costs Php 785.00.

And since the labels are in Korean, I got the product info from the website so that we can get to know what the product is all about:

Ooooh! It comes in two variants!

So this product has a gel liner and two colors for the eyebrows. The ones with the black eyeliner have darker shades of brow makeup compared to the ones with the brown liner. Sometimes I also use the brow powder as eyeshadow, especially when I use neutral colors. They are good when you want to achieve the effect of deeper set of eyes.

The one I have is the #1 Black Kit.

It comes with a dual-end applicator. One side for the liner and the other for the brows. I can't find mine though so I wasn't able to take a pic of it. But the applicators are very helpful and the brush's bristles are good and doesn't easily shed.

Here are the brow makeup. One is brown and the other is a gray-brown shade. I've barely used them because I'm trying to finish one from a different brand first.

And here's the gel liner.
It's obvious that I use this a lot... almost everyday actually! It's my eyeliner when I go to work because it is long-wearing, from morning 'til late in the afternoon.

Here are the swatches on my hand

And when used on the brow and as an eyeliner

Let's talk about the brow makeup first. 
I like that the pigmentation is not that strong so when applied on the brows, it looks natural. But it's a different story with my brows because the hair is very thick and dark. I have to make it darker just so it would look decent. But on another person's brow, it looks so much better.

As for the lasting power, it's pretty good. It's not waterproof but as long as you don't rub your brows, it will stay put the whole day.

And now, for the eyeliner.
I super love the blackness of this gel liner. With just one stroke, you get a very opaque black finish. The gel is creamy which makes application very easy because it glides smoothly.

It lasts the whole day. But there are instances when my lids become very oily, it transfers to the upper areas of my lids. So I suggest that you use a really good primer and use powder eyeshadows to extend its wear time. It doesn't easily smudge unless you have very oily lids or you frequently rub your eyes. So as I have mentioned, a good primer and good powder shadow will do the trick of extending the lasting power of the gel liner.

And that is my review of the Too Cool For School Eye Design Box Eye Makeup Multi Kit in #1 Black Kit. What do you think of this product?


Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Perfect Airbrush Finish Challenge with Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation

Hello dears!

So around two weeks ago, I was challenged by Maybelline to create an airbrush-finish makeup using the Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation.

This foundation is their best-selling one that promises a lightweight feeling, even coverage, reduces pore visibility, and gives an airbrush finish.

 So this combo was sent to me to along with the challenge. It came with a duo fibre brush for easy application to achieve that beautiful airbrush finish.

But let's get to know more about the foundation from the website:
Ideal for Normal Skin

Why You'll Love It

  • Air-whipped liquid provides perfecting coverage for 100% poreless skin
  • Ideal for normal skin
  • Oil-free, fragrance-free,  Dermatologist-tested, allergy-tested, non-comedogenic – won’t clog pores, safe for sensitive skin

More info can be seen at the back of the bottle:

This foundation promises you these benefits that you get from an airbrush foundation and more! Plus, it only costs 7% of the price of an airbrush foundation kit.

And this comes in 12 shades all-in-all.
You can get this for only Php 599.00, and with a minimum purchase of Php 799.00 inclusive of the Dream Liquid Mousse, you can get the Duo Fibre Brush for free!

So this foundation is in a glass bottle with a pump. I like that in my foundations because it makes it clean, more hygienic. It's easier to dispense the product as well.

If you're wondering why the pump doesn't have a cap, it's because you can twist it to the left which locks it and stops it from getting pumped.

And now, let's go to the fun part...

 This is the product on my hand.

Consistency is creamy and the scent is very mild, barely noticeable while applying.

 This is the product when smudged.

And finally, when blended.

On my hand, you can see the coverage it provides. It's non-sticky and gives a beautiful matte finish.

To show you how heavy the coverage is, here are photos of my right cheek when it is bare and when I have the product applied:

Impeccable, even coverage indeed! I still need concealer for the really dark ones but it really gives an impressive coverage!

(Please excuse my lips for looking like that. It's not that dry. It looks like that because I somehow put some foundation on them. Haha!)

 And see the finish, it looks very natural, very even, and it does give that airbrush finish!

Here's me with the rest of my makeup on. I just added color and also topped my face off with some translucent powder for a longer wear time.


What I did to create an even application is I put some product on my hand then lightly dab the duo fibre brush on it to get some amount of foundation on it. I then dab some product on my forehead, nose, chin, and 2 dabs on each cheek. I then blended it from the center of my face to the sides in a small circular motion. Super easy, right?

This product can last the whole day on my face but if you have oily skin like me, I suggest you bring some blotting paper because it doesn't help with controlling oil. But other than that, this is a really good foundation. Great coverage, beautiful finish, lightweight, and affordable, what more can you ask for?

 What do you think of the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation? Have you tried this yet?


Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Day of Relaxation at Princess Hazel Salon & Spa

Hello guys!

In the past weeks, I've been feeling stressed because of the tons of work I have to do in school and at work. I've been worried about so many things and I've lacked hours of sleep. During the times that I can go to bed early, I have a hard time sleeping. So yeah, the past weeks were difficult for me.

So I was so happy when I was invited to try out the services at Princess Hazel Salon & Spa. I'm a bit aware of this place because I saw some blog posts about it. 

They invited me and even let me choose the time that is most convenient for me, which I very much appreciate. I have been working and studying almost everyday of the week so my time is really important right now. So I scheduled on a day that I know is much deserving of a pamper session. I decided to go on a Saturday after my class at graduate school. I thought that after a long week, I want to get some rest and do something I like a lot, which is anything beauty related.

Princess Hazel Salon and Spa is located at the 2nd floor of the Pacific Century Tower at Quezon Ave. It's near EDSA too so getting there is quite easy. I drove to the place and it was actually the first time I get to drive that far north alone. But good thing the place was very easy to go to.

When you arrived at the entrance, you will be greeted by purple walls and golden embellishments. So royal! 

They promise you a royal treatment! You'll get pampered from their variety of services, you will feel comfortable with their very friendly staff, and you also get to wear a crown while sitting on a throne! I'm not even kidding, check out the photos below:

A crown is provided for every chair/throne. You can wear them while you get your nails done and get a perfect royal selfie!

 The chairs look so regal, even the pillows are made with gold patterns!

They separate rooms for different services like a wax area and the RF (Radio Frequency) room...

 There's an area for the hair services...

 ...and also a place for the massage and body scrubs.

This is actually the place where I spent most of my time at Princess Hazel Salon and Spa the most because the services I got was a whole body scrub and massage!

I wasn't able to take much pictures because the lights were very dim to create a relaxing ambiance.

So yeah, this is the only selfie I can do because it was very dark. :P

So anyway, let's talk about my experience during my body scrub and massage sessions. My masseuse was Alma. She was very friendly and easy to get along with. I don't get much body massage because I get very conscious with my body being exposed and touched by a stranger, but Alma made me feel comfortable during the entire session.

You will be provided with a robe and a disposable underwear. You can also borrow some shorts if you prefer that one. 

So after I changed, I got my body scrub. The massage bed was covered in plastic to maintain the cleanliness of the bed. The scrub used smelled so good, but I can't remember what it was exactly... I asked but I just can't seem to remember... I think it's like cocoa butter or something similar to that. But it just smells really good that also helped me feel more relaxed. I'm also getting massaged during the body scrub so I began feeling sleepy (I only slept for around 4 hours the night before).

It's my first time to get a whole body massage and I didn't know what to expect as results. And after the scrubbing, I was wrapped in the plastic like a cocoon... or maybe just like a big plastic blanket for 10 minutes so that the scrub will linger and get absorbed by the skin. Then I get to rinse the scrub off my body. The bathroom was equipped with bathing products actually. There are small bottles of shampoo and conditioner and some shower gels, etc.

After rinsing, I immediately noticed how soft my skin became. I guess the dead skin cells on my body are exfoliated well. I couldn't stop touching my skin because it's just so smooth!

Anyway, the whole body massage came next. They used a massage oil that is pretty much close to the scent of the body scrub used on me. Alma did a great job with my massage. I am quite sensitive when it comes to massages. I am big and have a strong pain threshold so I don't mind if I get hard massages. But unfortunately for me, there was a time that I end up with a bruise or something. But on that day, I didn't. The pressure Alma applied during the massage session was just right. It was so relaxing I almost fell asleep. 

After almost an hour, the massage was over. I was surprised that it took that long because I was enjoying the pampering very much. And so I got changed back to my clothes and then enjoyed a refreshing cup of tea.

And that was my very relaxing session at Princess Hazel Salon and Spa. You can check out their other services below along with their prices:

Oh, besides getting pampered and prettified, you can also shop for your beauty essentials here. They got products like wigs, hair accessories, bracelets, and rings!

And that concludes my day of relaxation.

If you want to know more about Princess Hazel Salon and Spa, check out the following: