Sunday, September 07, 2014

Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam (Tea Tree) No. 6

Hey loves!

Every single one of us has skin issues that we have to address. That's why many brands create different skincare products for us to use to take care of those problems. To tell you the truth, I used to have a hard time picking which product to use. I was shy to ask for instructions from beauty assistants back then and it took me a while before I learned the basics to skincare.

But good news to all my fellow Etude House lovers for Etude House has came up with a products that has 12 variants that address different skin concerns.

A few weeks ago, I was received this cleanser that is made for troubled skin. I was thrilled to know that because I do have troubled skin and this cleanser, equipped with Tea Tree, can help me with that problem.

Cleansers are important for proper skincare. We have to make sure that we clean our face especially before going to sleep. We use this daily so it's better that we use something that suits our skin and Etude House is bringing us just that. Check out their 12 Every Month Cleansing Foams:

So take your pick of which one is best for your skin. I'm sure there's one waiting for you from the 12 variants! And what's even better is that these 100ml cleansing foams are only  Php 198.00!

As for the one I got, the No. 6 Tea Tree, it works pretty good in making my face clean after a whole day at work with makeup on. I still use makeup removers, especially for the waterproof eye makeup. After that, this cleansing foam does the trick on cleaning up the rest of the makeup I have on.

The scent is the usual tea tree scent. Very herb-y smell that is quite refreshing in my opinion. I believe that each variant has a different scent. Now I'm curious to check each of them out!

This foams up pretty well too. Just a small amount can cover your whole face. Awesome!

This is how the product looks but I believe each cleansing foam looks different from the other depending on what skin type it caters to. Some are gel-like while some are cream type like the one I have.

So why not check out these cleansing foams from Etude House? I'm sure there is one to your liking. They are very affordable and they also effectively clean your face without causing any dryness to your skin! :)



  1. Pretty affordable... All the more temptation to collect everything, hahahaha huhuhuhu