Monday, September 08, 2014

Heroine Make Now in Manila!

Hello loves!

I am very excited to share this super awesome news that the Japanese makeup brand, Heroine Make, is now available in Manila! Yayyy!

Last week, I went to the launch of the brand at Mall of Asia Beauty Section to check out what this new brand is all about. I wasn't aware of the brand before I read something about it in a post in Facebook by a subscription box company. So right after my morning class in grad school, I went with Tellie to attend the brand launch.

The launch that day was very simple. There already was a formal launch the day before which I wasn't able to attend because of work. But the mall launch was still a lot of fun because it's very casual and I get to spend time with my blogger friends. :)

The set up consisted of makeup stations where you can get makeovers and try out Heroine Make products. There's also a pretty frame with a Heroine Princess you can take pictures with.

The event started on time and Liz of Project Vanity, who was one of the organizers of the event, introduced the brand and gave us some info on what we can expect from the products.

She also introduced to us Japanese makeup artist, Ms. Sayuri Igarashi, who will do a demo on how to create an everyday makeup look using products from Heroine Make.

The model for our makeover is the very pretty Tellie of Beauty by Tellie. Ms. Sayuri commented on how pretty her face shape was. (Pwede ka nang maging JPop or KPop star!)

Ms. Sayuri cleaned the face first before applying any makeup. Remember that a clean canvas is a must!

She told us that the Japanese makeup looks very natural. No to heavy foundations and strong colors like blue and green.

She went with pink colors for Tellie's makeup, which matches her pretty dress!

The makeup process was quick and simple. I was very impressed with the eyebrow pencil the most. It's like she did it with ease and just brushed it left and right and still achieved a very natural brow look. The mascara was a close second, she didn't need to curl the lashes! They curled by themselves with the mascara! We were amazed!

Here are before and after pictures of Tellie.

And before the event ended, we had a group picture!

Afterwards, we played with some of the products. I grabbed the mascara first to try it out myself. Ms. Sayuri was kind enough to assist me in applying it to my lashes.

I got a lovely doll-looking lashes! Super love! And they are waterproof too. It didn't smudge for the rest of the day. It will take a while to remove but it's so worth it!

Heroine Make currently has face and eye makeup products available. There are BB creams, BB powders, eyebrow pencils, mascaras, eyeliners, lash curlers, serums, fixers, and false lashes available on their stalls. Hoping they release more kinds of products. But for the meantime, I'm excited to use some of the products I got to take home from the event. I hope you all stay tuned for my reviews. :D


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  1. Yayy! Can't wait for your in-depth reviews. I've been using the mascara and brow pencil and the good first impression stuck around :)