Sunday, May 18, 2014

Review : FACEFLUX Multi Lip and Cheek Tint in Pink Cherry

Hey loves!

I just realized that I didn't do any product reviews for a week now (I usually do at least two weekly) so here's one! And it's all about...

FACEFLUX Multi Lip and Cheek Tint in Pink Cherry
Original price is Php 520.00 but is currently discounted for only Php 280.00 (introductory price).

This was sent to me for review by Hayan Korea, the sole distributor of this product in the Philippines. I haven't heard of this product nor the brand FACEFLUX, so I was curious what this was about. I don't really use tints but I thought that it was worth the shot.

So let's check the packaging for more info about the product:

It's nice to know that your product contains some of the good stuff that helps make your skin softer and moisturized. I'm also glad that the packaging has the important infos like about how to use the product, ingredients list, and manufacturing and expiration dates.

Even the tube has it.

Here's more product info that was sent to me:

Judging by the photos above, it looks great for creating those ombré lips. 

I like the classy, clear glass tube. It's not the usual cutesy look I see from other Korean makeup brands.

 A closeup of the applicator

A swatch on my hand

The pigment is very strong. Not a cherry shade though... nor pink, it's like a very bright red. Be careful with how much product you apply especially when you use it as a blush. The consistency is nice, it really is like a watery-gel. It makes spreading it easy but you have to be very fast in doing so because it dries pretty fast too.

Here's how it looks like on my cheeks.

I usually put this on top of my foundation. That is because I use heavy coverage foundations so if I apply this directly on my skin, the foundation will just cover it. But since tints are so hard to apply on top of foundations, I use a sponge as applicator. Just put a small amount on the sponge and lightly dab it all over the cheeks. I prefer a subtle look on my cheeks when I use this shade because I find it too warm... sort of orangey. Since my skin is more on the yellow side, an orange tint might make me look a bit sick. So a subtle flush will do.

 Here's the product on my lips.
I was trying to do the ombré lips but I look weird with it so I just did a full lip color. I think it looks good as a lip tint. It looks bright but also subtle at the same time if you compare it to the usual red lipsticks I use. I achieved that color with two-three layers of the tint. The translucent finish of the tint makes it look fun and young.

 Here's me with the product on my cheeks and lips.

It does look lovely, don't you think? Lasting power is quite good. On my cheeks, it stays for a good 4 hours while on my lips, it can last the whole day with light eating and drinking. This tint doesn't dry my lips but it doesn't really moisturize them either. And I do not encounter any irritations nor breakouts.

What I LIKE:

- Pigmented
- Light on skin
- Good staying power
- Locally available
- No irritations nor breakouts
- Easy to spread
- packaging

What I am NEUTRAL about:

- Price
- The shade isn't cherry in my opinion


- You have to spread it very fast since it dries quickly

If you want to know more about this product or how to purchase, please contact Hayan Korea through the following:

You can also purchase this online at Serry Mall.

So those are my thoughts on FACEFLUX Multi Lip and Cheek Tint in Pink Cherry. What do you think of this product? Have you tried other products from the brand?



  1. until when po magend yung introductory price nila? is it ongoing until now? thanks :)

    1. The introductory price will continue within the year. :D

  2. I'm curious to know how this compares with the Ellana Minerals Lip & Cheek Tint. hehe
    Random Beauty by Hollie

    1. I actually got that tint from Ellana too. I'll do a review on that soon. :)