Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Big Nivea May Sale

Good evening ladies,

So I'm a little bit late in telling you guys about Nivea's Big Sale this May and it's less than 4 days before it is officially over. Still, better late than never, because I myself am going to try to catch up with this sale since I've had quite a really great Nivea skin care experience, which I would like to share with you.

Last time, we received these Nivea lotions in their new Eco-friendly bottles and I just started using them this month.

Remember when I told you that I have really dry skin? Well, if I haven't then I'm telling you right now, I do. Here's a picture of the top of my foot, which is the driest part of my skin. It's flaky-ish, kind of cracked, and really dry (my legs on the other hand have a semi permanent snake skin pattern on them if you look closely because of the dryness).

Summer and the "-ber" months are the worst time of the year for my skin as they tend to be the driest. But summer by far is my most hated since the heat makes it impossible for me to get myself to put on lotion. As you all know, lotion feels super sticky and heavy on the skin, and the humidity and temperature in our country amplifies that uncomfortable feeling. Hence, I end up with really really cracked skin.

So with this dilemma, I used Nivea's Intensive Moisture Lotion. Right of the bottle, all I can say is that, for an intensive care lotion, the consistency is amazing. It's not heavy and not greasy. In fact, it's as light as putting water over your legs. It dries on the skin quick but does not feel like it simply evaporated, rather it feels like the skin slurped (if that can be an appropriate term) or sipped up the lotion. In as far as I can understand lotions, intensive care ones have the most emollients to help trap in water hence making them more heavy or greasy. But this one did not feel like that at all. Thus my summer lotion dabbing routine was not stopped, in fact, it made me so happy to put the lotion on, I go and put it one twice a day (cause I'm really lazy and I only do it once and in the evening).

All three lotions promised one thing, you see results in a matter of 1-2 weeks. So, did I see any? Well, I did... Here's a picture of the same foot after two weeks. See how the snaky, flaky skin disappeared? The rest of my legs also feel quite smooth and supple (almost invisible snake skin pattern on my legs.) And when I do that run-your-nails-over-your-skin to test for dryness, there is no white flaked marks that are left.

So I am very much happy with the results that Nivea has given me. It has surpassed any body lotion (that isn't Cetaphil or Physiogel) or butter that I have so far used for my skin.

My sister has used the Extra Whitening and Cell Repair & Protect one and she's told me that it has improved the color of her skin especially the dark marks left by scars. She said that it has indeed helped in speeding up the healing process with her wound on the legs. Also, she also loves the light, water-like consistency of the lotion.

So that is it for my Nivea testimonial. I will make sure to stock up on a lot of those Nivea Intensive Moisture lotions while the supplies last. Hope you can catch up on them too.


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