Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fashion 21: Eyelash Adhesive

Good evening ladies,

Tonight I share with you a one of the more affordable lash adhesives I've tried. So just so you know, I'm actually quite a newbie with putting on fake lashes and the only time that I did put them on myself, was on my sister's birthday. And since I do not usually put on falsies, I had to find a lash glue that was cheap and useable, so this was the cheapest one I could find.

This cost only

and can be found in any Watson's store with a Fashion 21 stall.

The whole thing comes with 1 bottle of the lash glue with a cap-brush dispenser and a Y-stick. Though I lost mine after the frenzied first opening of the package.

The box has a mini instructional guide on how to use t
he product and how to put on your lashes. When I did mine, I followed Lisa Eldridge's instructions and put some of the glue on the back of my hand first before dabbing it on the lashes. You can watch her video demo in youtube if you want. But you can pretty much follow the box's instruction and get the same results.

 So this lash glue is great for newbies like me. Drying time is not too quick and still leaves some time for you to get the lashes in place. It's also quite durable as my lashes stuck on for quite a long time even after repeated manipulation of my lids... (my contact lenses at the time were bothering me so much that I constantly had to slightly rub my eyes until I finally took them off...). Also it dries clear.

The only problem I have might be during clean-up. I did leave some on the back of my hand, and I found it hard to remove, even after I soaked a cotton with make-up removing solution and pressed it over the area for about 5-10 minutes, it did not melt as much as I had hoped. Clean up took longer than what I had thought it would take. I don't know if other adhesives are easier to remove so I cannot totally say that this is a point against this one.

So that's it for this really late post. Hope you found this helpful.


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