Monday, May 19, 2014

The Soundbites Launch Featuring Side A

Hello ladies,

Last May 17, we attended the launch of Robinsons Malls' Soundbites at Robinsons Magnolia. Since it rained twice that day, the event became a free for all concert. The participating acts that night were from SILK (a band with three lovely ladies as lead singers), Fireflies (a dance troupe), and most notable, SIDE A.

For those who missed Side A's concert, catch them again on May 24, 8 pm at Robinson's Place Manila. Catch also other perfomances by Brass Pas Pas Pas and Brownman Revival on May 23 at Robinsons Place Manila, and by Rico Blanco on May 30 at Robinsons Galleria.

But before we delve into our launch concert experience, I'd just like to remind you guys of the mechanics on how you can also be able to enjoy the rest of the acts in the upcoming weekends:

1.     To join this promo , costumer must dine at any Robinsons participating restaurants within the specified dates listed below.

Robinsons Magnolia           : April 13-May 18, 2014
Robinsons Place Manila   : April 13-May 24, 2014
Robinsons Galleria              : April 13-May 30, 2014

2.     For every P500.00 single receipt purchase, a customer is entitled to one concert entrance wrist tag. But for receipts amounting more than P2,000.00, a customer can redeem a maximum of four wrist tags only.

3.     To claim the wrist tag/s, customer must present his/her receipt at the venue entrance of the preferred concert for free admission which is valid only for one day.

4.     Concert wrist tags may be redeemed starting at 5:30PM.

5.     Receipts will be stamped CLAIMED after concert attendant has validated the receipts and released the wrist tags to the customer.

6.     Robinsons Malls reserves the right to validate receipts.  Receipts that are defaced, crumpled, tampered with, photocopied / carbon-copied or smaller than the actual size will not be honored.

7.     Free entrance wrist tags are transferable but not convertible to cash.

8.     Employees of Robinsons Land Corporation, its promo agencies and suppliers, and participating restaurants, including their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the promo.

Participating restaurants are as follows:

Robinsons Magnolia
Arya, Blackbeard’s Seafood Island, Buffet 101, Chef Noodles, Cibo, Classic Savory, Conti’s, Cyma, Elias, Gaucho, Gumbo,  Kenny Rogers Roasters,  Lombardi’s,  Magnolia Flavor House, Mann Hann, Max’s,  Mesa,  Miso Hana, Miso Ten,
Mr. Choi Kitchen, My Thai, Pasteleria La Terraza, Pho Hoa, Sizzling Pepper Steak, Sumosam, Tao Yuan, The Clubhouse, Uncle Cheffy, Yabu

Robinsons Place Manila
Aji Sen Ramen Noodles, Almon Marina, Banana Leaf, C2 Classic Cuisine, Cabalen, Cyma, Gerry's Grill, Gumbo, Hainanese Delights, Healthy Shabu Shabu, Jack's Loft, Mangan, Max's, Mr. Choi Kitchen, New Bombay, Pancake House, Pepper Lunch, Pho Hoa, Racks, Recipes, Savory, Soi Thai,Tempura, The Aristocrat, The Old Spaghetti House, Yakimix

Robinsons Galleria
Alex III, Blackbeard’s Seafood Island, Burgoo, Classic Savory, Giligan’s, Icebergs, Il Padrino, Jack’s Loft, Kalye Juan, Kenny  Rogers  Roasters,   Mangan, Max’s,   Mexicali,   Mongkok,   Mr. Choi Kitchen,   TGI Friday’s,   Pancake House,   Papa John’s, Pho Hoa, Pizza Hut Bistro, Quiznos, Sci-Fi Café, Seoul Garden Hot Pot, Sizzling Pepper Steak, Sushi-Ya, Teriyaki Boy, Thai Ktichen, The Old Spaghetti House, Zoricho

Going back to the concert, we were also treated to a sumptuous meal from the event's caterer, The Clubhouse. The wrist bands provided for the bloggers and media crew were penned with a VIP to distinguish us from the other audience.

And here's Liz, looking a little bit over-dressed for the chill out event.

The food consisted of three viands, a pesto pasta, and rice. There was also chocolate brownies for dessert but since the concert was already starting we hardly had the time to go back for a helping.

So on to the concert itself. The night's opening act was SILK band who mostly sang their own renditions of the more popular songs sang these past few months and a couple of 70s songs, most of which are from English/American artists. The renditions were very polished and beautiful which just goes to show that they are a band who knows what they are doing and who do it well. They did their part expertly.

SILK's performance was then followed by an eating contest care of C2. Here 2 guys and 2 girls compete to finish one box of pizza and 2 bottles (each person) of C2. The men won that challenge, but the women won the confidence contest, as it was the ladies who went up to volunteer first before the men were eventually coaxed to join.

This was followed by a series of raffle draws and about 6 audience members were able to take home goody bags from the event's sponsors.

Then, as Side A's team were setting up, we were entertained by the dance troupe called the Fireflies. These ladies not only danced gracefully, they also used a couple of ingenious props in their routine, like the neon lighted balls and the neon hoola hoop.

The routine flowed from one dance number to another until we reached the height of their performance

which was the fire dance. They were also so skilled and coordinated. Makes us think of how they did their practices.

And finally, it was Side A. Dawn and Liz were super excited to see them all. We've been really big fans ever since we were small so meeting them was a starstruck moment for us. Side A treated us to songs they've recorded over the years some more familiar sounding than others but all equally beautiful. 

We did notice that unlike other bands we've listened to, Side A does not sound any different from the recorded songs. Their voices just meshed well together. I guess they were a little frustrated that they couldn't hear the crowd's singing since we were in an open air venue.

As you can see, many patrons stopped by to jam with us when Side A started singing. It was awesome. 

Mr. Rodel even went down the stage and took pictures with the audiences. He even joked about getting the fans to pay on the next 2-3 photos. 

And finally, their last song, Forevermore was sang and that was the end of the night. The band invited the spectators to get up from their seats and dance to the last song.

Here's Liz trying to catch a good spot in between but chickened-out in the end.

So we had the most wonderful time that day. We could not be happier that we were able to watch Side A live and be that close to them (we were at the front row) :). We would like to thank the organizers for letting us participate in the event. Hopefully we get to watch the other acts on the next weekends.

Also, here's the content of the goodie bag we received. Thank you very much for the freebies!

Catch more of Robinsons Malls' Soundbites Music Festival in the coming days!

Dawn and Liz

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