Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dawn Goes Ombré

Hello loves!

So I was thinking of doing a little change for my hair. I just got it permed more than a month ago but I still want a little more "umph" since permed hair is nothing new to me anyway. I want my hair to be something I haven't tried before and the only look I thought of doing for now is getting an ombré.

So I consulted with my hair stylist of more than 2 years, Ms. Richelle Abella Espeso, about what I can do with it. My hair was around 4/5 brown already from a previous hair coloring session. The rest are already black because of hair growth but I actually prefer my roots to still be black when I get it ombré-d so that I don't have problems having to color my hair soon when it grows longer. 

Since the part of my hair that is brown blends well with my natural black hair, we agreed that I only need to add a lighter shade at the bottom. 

Here's the peg I used.
Img src

I think this would look well with my permed hair and I think it's pretty easy to carry and it also looks very casual. I don't need to spend much time fixing my hair in the morning.

So last Sunday, I went to Vivere Salon at Robinsons Place Ermita, where Ms. Rich now works at to finally get the ends of my hair colored. It's a little farther than the previous salon she was in but Vivere is a great place too. The staff there are very friendly and you can get unlimited drinks! Haha! They have coffee, tea, and iced tea. :P

I came with Liz who also got her hair done. It's my graduation gift for her. :P She'll do a post regarding that soon. :D

My hair getting bleached.

It only took a few minutes to an hour. I also got treatment afterwards since there was a promo that weekend. 

Ismael, who assisted Ms. Rich, was very nice and really did a great job making my hair extra fab with the hair dryer!

And tadaaaaa!!!

My hair after!

I think it looks great. :D

That's what my hair looked after leaving the salon.

And this is how it looked when I got home 4 hours later.

 It still looks good but I was curious to know how it would look like with my curly permed hair... but I had to wait 'til I wash my hair again. 

So here it is with chunky curls after washing my hair and adding some products.

And this is how it looks like without any product...

Is it just me or is it getting lighter??? Should I panic or does it look good?

I'd like to thank Ms. Rich for taking good care of my hair. She's very accommodating and makes my salon experience worry-free.

I think this change is good. I guess it's sort of different from the usual look I go for but I guess a little edge would be okay once in a while. :P

Well, what do you think? :)