Sunday, May 04, 2014

Dine with the Stars at Movie Stars Cafe

Hello loves!

If you've been following my Instagram or Twitter accounts, you probably know how much I enjoy eating out. I'd love to post the different places I've been to but since I'd like to focus on beauty-related subjects, I only mention or blog about the places or food that I really enjoy most.

That's why I was surprised when I received an email inviting me to try and dine at the Movie Stars Cafe located next to SM Mall of Asia. 

We were given GC's to spend and we get to pick which date we can come. Of course I grabbed this opportunity. I've already been to the restaurant with my family before and I wanted to take my friends there too because I think they'll enjoy it. So I booked for a Sunday dinner and brought along Liz, Christine, and her sister.

When you arrive at the place, you will see the awesome movie memorabilia displayed at the exterior of the cafe/resto... 

A really, really big King Kong statue with slightly creepy lighting. 

We had to take pictures with Jack and Sally from Nightmare before Christmas because one of our friends who couldn't make it is a big fan of the movie growing up. Haha! :P

Upon entering, you'll see dozens of pictures of different Hollywood actors displayed. These pictures actually have their authentic signatures on them! Neat, huh?

There are plenty more pictures besides these. :)

When we waited for a few seconds for our table, I noticed this C3PO and thought how cool and well-made it was! And also, it's Star Wars day today as I am typing this post! Haha! May the 4th be with you! :D

So what is the Move Stars Cafe all about? What makes them different from other cafes and restaurants out there? It's a place where you don't only dine with your family and friends, you get to watch live-action movies! And when I say live, it's really LIVE! You get to see it on stage played out by actors and actresses. You also get to see autographed pictures of famous celebrities, movie props, and also the ones who serve you are people in famous movie character costumes. When I was there the first time, my most memorable moment was when Darth Vader was serving me a glass of water. It was awkward and funny and awesome!

The Movie Stars Cafe is the first of its kind. It was first opened in Japan but due to the competitors (host/butler cafes, maid cafes, and even cat cafes to name a few) and the recent Tsunami and earthquake calamities, the owner moved the cafe to the Philippines back in 2012. I think it's a wise decision especially because Pinoys love watching Hollywood movies. We were told that they are thinking of opening other branches such as at The Fort. :)

So once seated, we were given the menus. You can choose whether you will eat buffet style or just order the food. For the dinner buffet, it's Php 699.00 per person (lower prices for kids), but add Php 100.00 if it's on a weekend. 

Here are a few pictures I took of the buffet table... I took it during dinner time and it was very busy so the dishes get empty quite fast and I just can't wait for them to restock it because I was excited to watch the next attraction. Haha!

The ingredients are served for you and you get to make your own salad and burgers! 

I think the food included in the buffet are those that are easy to eat. By easy I mean those you can eat with just a fork or by hands (salads, sliced meat, and burgers for example). I guess it's because it's easier to appreciate the different shows they've prepared without getting distracted with how you will eat your food... Sort of like when you buy popcorn while watching a movie (I don't think it's a good idea to bring pasta or steak there. :P).

And oh, on top of the buffet table is this awesome large dinosaur head!

Anyway, since we're all girls and we just had coffee a couple of hours before we went to the place, we didn't get the buffet option. Instead, we ordered these...

The serving is quite big. We weren't able to finish all four dishes even though there were four of us eating them!

Jackson Five

The Notebook


Can't remember the name of the dish, will update soon.

Every night there's a main event, a musical, that you can see at around 8 pm. The night when we were there, it was Beauty and the Beast (my favorite Disney film). It started from the very beginning when Belle was singing the song Little Town up until the moment Beast turned back into a handsome prince.  The main characters were singing live and they really have amazing voices!

But it's a different show everyday. Some of the themes were Aladin and The Lion King to name a few.

Also, every 30 minutes, there are some quick attractions like a dance number from pretty Barbies and an action scene with the characters from Spiderman!

I think the Spiderman show takes the cake as most entertaining! Just look at the audience whose full attention is on the stage.

At the end of their show, so many people wanted to take pictures. Some of the kids even went on stage to greet Spidey!

Though I really enjoyed the shows, what I really liked the most are these amazing memorabilia! The details are spot-on and we were told that each life-size statue costs Php 600k to a million! Woah!

And yayyy! They have one of Batman! Wooot!

And Catwoman as well!

Obviously, we're fans of the caped crusader. Just look at Liz smitten by the Dark Knight. :P

And finally, we had to take a picture with the crowd favorite, Spiderman!

It was a fantastic evening! I personally enjoyed the shows more than I ate food. Which is rare! Haha! All of us went home full and fully entertained. The Movie Stars Cafe is a place where you can be with family (the kids will surely love the place) and with your barkada! I think it's a great idea to spend your birthdays here and you and your friends can cosplay along!

And good news! You can redeem a 10% off your bill just by using my code below:
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I joined their affiliate program too. You get to dine at Movie Stars Cafe with a deduction of 10% off your total bill just by saying or just get a snapshot and show this code ones you bill-out. I also get a small commission if you use that code but rest assured that all of things mentioned in this post are honest. :)

Movie Stars Cafe, Seaside Blvd., SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Philippines
Mondays to Saturdays: 12 pm - 2 am
Holidays and Sundays: 12pm - 12 am
Contact Numbers:

So what do you think of The Movie Stars Cafe? Would you consider having dinner here?



  1. What a fun place to visit and have dinner! I'd love to visit a cafe like that on holiday!

    1. Yeah. It really is a great place to just sit back, relax, and watch the shows while you eat! :D

  2. Ang fun naman dito! Pero omg nalula ako sa value ng memorabilia. Parang ako yung kinabahan para sa owners :P

    1. Ako din e. Kahit ako gusto ko nakawin! HAHA! jk.

  3. wow.. i really wanna go there! ang cool naman! hihi. and yes.. nagulat ako when i saw someone familiar (other than you two) sa blog mo hehe (christine!)... :)

    1. Haha! You'll see a lot of her pag ginawa na namin mga makeovers! :D

  4. another question, can i use senior citizen discount together with your 10% discount?

    1. Hi Val, actually I don't know anymore. I haven't been back to the resto to check it out and I don't think anyone has even used the code because I don't have any affiliate points yet. :( I'm sorry if I can't be of any help. :(