Sunday, May 25, 2014

MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow in Dare to Bare

Hi loves!

Just a swatch post again for tonight. Been a busy weekend for me so I have to make this one quick. :P

So this is an eyeshadow given to Liz by her aunt some months back...

MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow

The shade is Dare to Bare.

Most of the MAC products we post are from her aunt. She lives in Canada so the products from the brand are more affordable when bought there. I'm happy that I get to try the products as well. Sometimes, Liz even gives me some. :)

Liz lend me this eye shadow so that I can take pictures of it. I usually take some of the pics and upload it as draft and she'll add the text after. But I really liked this shade so I tried this out and decided to blog about it myself. :P

I like it because it's a mixture of sorta a white gold and a silver-lilac shades. It looks really fascinating... very dreamy and ethereal.

Here's a swatch of the shades:

It's a bit difficult to separate the colors so I just mix them together, which is how it's supposed to be used anyway (haha!), when I apply them as eyeshadow. Together, they make a warm lilac shade, almost pale pink. Here's how it looks:

It looks so nice, eh? It reminds me of something a fairy would look—shimmery and soft at the same time. Just pair it up with a soft, pink gloss and it'll be a pretty "everyday" look. 

So what do you think?



  1. I'm not so much into make-ups but admired how it looked good it is after application.

  2. Such an interesting but simple shade! I've been seeing a lot of these mix mineral shadows and I like how this one is so metallic!

    1. I agree. It's so easy to use and it looks so subtle but there's a little UMPH to it from the shimmers.

  3. I like it! :D It looks so classy. This would go for a day-to-night look. :)

    1. I definitely agree. With just a little tweaking with another eyeshadow shade, I can create a whole different look with this kind of shadow. :D