Thursday, May 01, 2014

April 2014 Haul

Hey everyone!

Sharing some of my new items I bought for the month of April. I had to control myself from shopping because of all the brands on sale this month. But I'm happy that most of the items in this post are bought with huge discounts.

A necklace and a ring from XOXO.
Bought both for only Php 249.00.
It was a buy one get one promo. I like the ring because it's like a locket-ring combined. You can insert a pic inside the heart. So cute!

Falsies from Prestige — Regular price Php 310.00, bought for only Php 108.50
Nail polish is Php 85.00

And then bought some clothes from Dorothy Perkins
Can't remember the exact price of this but it was discounted for around 30-50%.

Regular price — Php 2095.00
Bought for Php 999.00

This shoe is actually a bottle cap opener! Cute, right? I like to drink this soya milk that's in a bottle so I have to borrow an opener every time I buy one so finally got one for myself and it has to be fab! Haha! Got it for only Php 95.00.

Shikai Color Reflect Volumizing Mousse—Php 595.00

Prestige Light Response Self-Adjusting Undereye Concealer
Regular price is Php 395.00 but I bought it around Php 200.00 only.

This is probably the best deal I got.
Smashbox Be Discovered Jet Set Eyeliner and Brusg in Intrigue
Regular price is 1,450.00 and bought it for only Php 350.00. Awesome!

And since one of mom's friend is going back to AU this week, we decided to buy my sister, Trace, an early birthday present (her birthday is on July but shipping fee is too expensive. Haha!).

A Fino Leatherware Davos bag! It's Php 9,950.00.

And lastly, I just wanna share this very adorable picture of my dog, Aqui, with his new best friend!

Cuteness explosion!!!

Anyway, it's May already! Wow! How quickly time flies, right? :D



  1. A lovely haul! I love the dress and I'd love to pick the lashes and that super cute bottle opener from you! And YOUR DOG! oh my, such a beautiful thing!

    1. Thanks! My dog, Aqui, would surely love to hear that. :P

  2. OMG, the doggie is so cute! :D
    You are good in finding sale items! Soo jealous of the lash extensions! I bought one and its like P300 and it doesnt even have an adhesive included. :(

    1. Yeah, I always try to visit the area where they put the discounted items at Beauty Bar. :P

  3. love the dress! the smashbox gel liner is such a steal!