Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Makeup Experiment #13 : Zell

Hey everyone!

At last, I get to post another makeup experiment! The last one I posted was way back in September 2013. So after 8 months, here's another one... and it's another girl-to-boy transformation!

Well, here's my friend/officemate Jho dressed up as Zell, a character from the game Final Fantasy VIII. Both of us are fans of the RPG game and Zell is her favorite character...

And here's Zell. The ever-so-energetic, hotdog-loving guy with an awesome tattoo!

The tattoo on his face is very iconic that I made sure I got it right on her smaller face.

So here's are before and after pictures of Jho.

Jho actually cosplays so wearing wigs, costumes, and makeup is nothing new to her. She's already thinking of cosplaying Zell when we did this makeover. It's like a practice makeup to see if it would suit her. The wig she used is for a different character that she'll be doing soon so she can't cut it to make it look more like Zell's hair. But like I said, this is just a practice makeup session so there'll be a better version of this pretty soon.

And since this is just trial makeup, we only did this inside a hotel room in Subic during the evening of our office's team building session. Jho doesn't have the costumes yet and we just did some point-and-shoot with a camera in the dimly-lighted room.

Since Zell is a boy, I had to do some extra contouring using a darker shade of cream foundation-concealer. I made her jaw look sharper and cheekbones higher. I made some mistakes though like getting the eyeliner too thick. It was quite tricky to do. :|

The makeover was super fun to do but it was quite time consuming... especially since our bosses are also in the room. HAHA! Awkward! They didn't mind though. :P Anyway, Jho and I worked together to achieve this look. I took care of the makeup while she did the hair styling.

I'm bad at hair-styling but Jho, on the other hand, is very good at it. She gets paid to fix wigs for other cosplayers!

Makeup by : Me 
Hairstyle : Jho
Model : Jho
Photos by : Me
Place taken : A hotel room in Subic

So before I end this post here's a pic of our model taking a selfie while covering her mouth. She kept saying that she has an awkward mouth. So I took a picture of her taking a picture of herself. :P

Anyway, hopefully Jho can soon finish her Zell outfit and do the photoshoot. I'm really excited to see her with the whole look. :D

So any thoughts on this makeup experiment? Any suggestions on my next experiment? Comment them below!



  1. This is so cool! I really like the details of the tattoo on her face! :)