Friday, May 23, 2014

Of New Life Events and, New Cuts and Colors

Good evening ladies,

So last Sunday Dawn and I went to Vivere Salon to get our hair done. It has been a long time since I last had anything done with my hair and as you can see, the blue black has long faded and my bleached parts have reached a length where they don't look as fashionable anymore.

It has overgrown in some areas and it's starting to look at little flat and boring in my perspective.

And so, here I am getting my hair trimmed to a better shaped bob. 

I really missed Ms. Rich taking care of my hair. She just pays attention to what you want and explains what's doable and what's not. She  assesses your hair, finds out what happened to it before, how it got to it's current state, and what you want it to look after you get out of the salon before she starts with any treatment. I really like the fact that she takes that time to walk you through with how the both of you will come to the end result you want.

So first task of that day was to dye my bleached parts. My hair was a little trickier to color around this time since I had bleached parts at some parts which might not come out to color the same as the rest of my hair. There was also the issue of me getting it colored blue black some months ago which might make the colors not stick as much or not color as much. But with Ms. Rich had figured out a good way to make everything come together.

And thus the rest of my hair was colored.

So here's the end product of my cut and color. I was supposed to color it a dark purple but the color I wanted was not doable so I settled with a dark copper... 

hair inspiration was Karlie Kloss's hair in this picture taken from

Though the cut is still not the same since some parts of my hair have not grown to the right length for the cut to be the same.

And then here is the picture of my hair 2 days after getting it colored. This is under the shade on a sunny day.

The bleached parts of my hair were colored with a darker tone almost black looking to help it blend with the whole color scheme of my head. Ms. Rich assured me that it will wash out and eventually lighten to blend better with the rest of the hair. But I kind of like it this way, it makes my hair look two toned and dark.

Under the sun, it shines with a reddish copper tone at the top...

And a mix of copper and browns all over. 

I really do like my hair's color now, it looks a little more natural on me and is now somewhat uniform in color. So thank you so much to Ms. Rich for taking such good care of my hair ever since you first chopped it down to a pixie cut.

How do you like my new hair cut and color? Have any other color suggestions for me?



  1. You look amazing! I love your bob!

  2. Oh very beautiful the color, looks so shining and pretty!

  3. You look great and fresh in your new haircut not to mention your hair color gives it an oommpph!!