Sunday, April 13, 2014

Smashbox: Photo Finish Lid Primer

Good evening ladies,

Last time I promised to review the Smashbox photo finish lid primer so here we go.

I only have the sample size which came with my Heat Wave palette so I cannot comment on the packaging of the product. Anyway, the next picture lists the product's ingredients.

So the lid primer promises to keep your eye shadow lasting longer and prevent creases.

The primer's consistency is akin to that of a concealer stick. The color also reminds me of concealers. Initially it feels like a heavy/think base. I do find that the color of this one is more intense than the Urban Decay Potion pot primer.

So onto application. Here we have my bare lids. as you can see, I have a few areas of visible veins and redness.

After applying the primer, you can see that the area is much more whiter than the surrounding skin. I find this a little troublesome. There's the issue of what if you applied too much or your concealer and foundation don't color the same as the primer? On the other hand, the concealer was able to cover up some redness and dark areas of my eyes.

Here it is with shadow applied. I was expecting the shadows to pop more in photos with the primer on. Why? Well the name kind of suggests it.

But as you can see here, it does not do that.

And to prove to myself that the eye primer does not intensify the color of the shadows, I took a picture with the top half of my hand is without primer and the lower part is with primer.

As you can see, color intensity does not improve with this eye primer. What it DOES have is the ability to keep your eye shadows from creasing. My lids oil up after 4 to 5 hours and then starts creasing but this primer helped me keep my eye shadow intact and crease free for longer than that. Also it helps keep the color pigments on the lids and keep them from dropping down onto your cheeks.

So in summary:

What I like: 
- Keeps shadows from creasing.
- Keeps eye shadow pigments from going all around the face
- Color-correct effect

What I do not like:
- Does not help to intensify eye shadow color

Will I buy again?
I do not know if they are available locally... but I have already another primer which I am eyeing for so I might not buy this even if it was available locally.

Well, what do you think of this primer? Will you use it as well?



  1. It sounds like a decent primer but it doesn't really improve the color! I personally much more prefer cream based/colored primers!

  2. sayang! my fave primer for the lidss is Paul and joe eye primer, Sayang this brand is not in Rustans na :((( Nyx jumbo pencil in milk is good for intensifying colors daw but I haven't tried it yet

  3. Glad to have come cross your blog! :D Hihi. I'm a new follower. I am a die-hard user of UD's Eyeshadow Potion Primer. :)

  4. @sharlynn - it is!. :) So I am very happy that this happened to be included.

    @angel - haven't tried those. I am eyeing the one from canmake... i wonder if they've launched it na.

    @fred - hello, welcome to our blog. I am also a die-hard user of UD's Eyeshadow Potion Primer. However, it is quite pricey... I suggest you try the one that canmake is launching... we tested it out and it is quite comparable but with a more reasonable pricing.