Friday, April 04, 2014

Back to Curls for the Summer

Hey dears!

I'm back to curls! Got my hair permed last weekend! Yay!

I love it when my hair is curly because I don't have to worry about what my hair looks like when I'm outside. Even if it's windy, my hair would still look great (errr... or at least decent)!

This is what my natural hair looks like (well, not entirely natural because my hair is colored).

It's straight at the top and wavy from the middle to the ends and it's quite thin.

I find my hair too... sad-looking. Haha! It doesn't have much volume and it gets oily easily so by the end of the day it looks so greasy and flat.

Getting my hair permed is one of my solutions. It makes my hair look thicker and livelier. And so last weekend, I went to Azta Salon at SM San Lazaro and spent an afternoon under the care of our trusted stylist, Ms. Rich Abella. Liz and I usually go to her for haircuts. She does my sister's hair too when she's in the Philippines and Ms. Rich has also permed my hair once. :)

After a five hours in the salon, this is what my hair looked like:

Ms. Rich added some hair treatment just because she's so nice! Thank you so much!
I told her about my permed hair a few months back that I just had to cut off because it was super dry from the previous perm and all the hair coloring. The perm's curls looked great but the dryness annoyed me a lot that I chopped them off after only 4 months. I waited 'til my hair grew longer before I get it re-curled again.

After 2 days, I was allowed to wash my hair and it looked like this:
My hair was not completely dry yet on the pic because I took some minutes after taking a shower (I was off to work). My curls are bigger than in previous photo which I prefer and if you have permed your hair before, you probably know that the curls would look better as time goes. :D

Left pic: my hair without products (mousse or curl enhancing products)
Right pic: With product

I'm so happy that my hair is curly again! And it's not as dry anymore. It still needs some repairing especially the ends but I'll just wait til it grows a little longer then have it cut 2 inches off. I'll also apply some hair treatment every now and then. :)

I think my hair is great for the summer because I'm going on various trips. I don't have to check if my hair is too messy (vain me wants great pics) so I'll just focus on having fun! Yayy!

So do you prefer having straight, wavy, or curly hair? Do you get your hair permed? Rebonded?



  1. I think your natural hair is lovely but the curly hair is so fun! You can definitely pull off such curls, I can't personally but I love waves!

  2. Hi! Nice curls! Is this digiperm or cold perm?