Monday, April 14, 2014

Too Cool For School Art Class Blusher in No. 2 Peach

Hey loves!

I was supposed to make a very long review post on some products from one brand but I want to catch up with some TV series (haha!) so for now I'll share a quick post about this product from Too Cool For School...

 Too Cool For School Art Class Blusher
A tube is worth Php 435.00.

 I don't really buy cream blushers because of my oily skin but this is actually a gift from a former professor. She's gonna get married soon and she asked me to do an artwork for her and her soon-to-be husband. I made her one as a wedding gift but she still gave me a kikay gift which included this product. 

The shade she gave me is No. 2 Peach. It also comes in another shade, No.1 Pink.

 Since the labels on the packaging (which looks really good btw) is not in english, I went to one of their websites for product info:

I apply this using my fingers... I personally think the finish look better that way rather than when I use my makeup brushes. It just makes the blush look more natural.

Here's a swatch on my hand:

When mildly blended:

It's a very subtle, matte peach. The texture is very soft and application is very easy. The shade is very light so you might need to build up the color if you don't have fair skin. I had to put about a small pea size on each cheek so that the color is visible on my cheeks. 

Here's me wearing the blush:

It really looks so natural on the cheeks! It also brightens the face!

It's subtle so you don't have to worry about looking like you got too much product on because even if you did, it wouldn't look like it! It would still look natural! Nice, eh?

Unfortunately, it doesn't last too long on my oily skin... probably a good 3-4 hours before it fades out... But I could always just reapply. :)

So what are your thoughts on Too Cool For School's Art Class Blusher? Do you wear cream blushes too?



  1. It's very subtle nga! I think I tried this during the workshop but didn't find it very interesting. Nabother yata ako sa mousse-y texture. 'Cause I used to wear the Maybelline mousse blushes and had this horribly embarrassing experience of getting caught with a huge blob of mousse under my eye!

    1. Awww. :( I wouldn't find this interesting either if I were to see this at the store. I'm just not into cream blushes e. Haha! But I saw some pretty interesting powder blushes from the brand when I last dropped by.

  2. Very innovative packaging and I like the thought behind the design! I think it could be a lot more pigmented though, too light for my liking!

    1. Yeah, I'd appreciate a more pigmented version as well but I like my blushes subtle so I guess this is good enough especially when I do my usual dramatic eye makeup. :D

  3. Where can I buy this? Is this the one at MOA yung may mga cool decorations? parang goth-like?

    Hello nga pala! :)

    1. Haha! Hellloooo!! :D Yup! And they also have one at SM North Edsa (main mall). :D