Thursday, April 24, 2014

Kanebo KATE Colorcious Diamond Eye Shadow Palette in BK-1

Hello loves!

I love eyeshadows. I use them every time I go out of the house. But let's face it, eyeshadows are hard to finish, especially if you have more than a dozen palettes (like me). I do try to avoid buying them just so I don't regret it when they get too old and I still haven't hit the pan. I'm sort of frugal so I feel bad when things get wasted. :P

But when I saw this palette while I was browsing a Kanebo stall at SM Makati, I wanted to buy it. 

The shades aren't unique but I just love how it looks, it's awesome pigmentation, and how silky they feel when I swatched them.

Anyway, here's some info from the website:

A 5-shade eye shadow palette featuring the shades and shine of colored diamonds to create beautiful, lustrous, and wide eyes as the shades are applied
It's available in 8 sets of shades.

I really like that it looks like beautiful, glittery rocks—like raw diamonds!

It's my first time to own a powder eyeshadow from KATE. I really liked the eyeliners that I've tried from the brand and I also read some great reviews about their BB's, foundations, and eyeshadows so that's why it was easy for me to buy this. Haha!

Anyway, it comes with a double-ended applicator. I guess the thinner one is for sharp lines and dark shadows like using them as eyeliners.

Here's a closeup of the palette.
It is composed of warm and cool tones that would look awesome for a smokey look.

Here are the swatches!

And below is an EOTD of how I usually wear it during daytime (yes, that's a daytime look for me... drama much?).

Staying power of the eyeshadow is pretty decent but it can stay all day with a good primer. The shadows feel silky but there are some chunky glitters on some shadows which I don't really mind. Blending is very easy and the shades go well together.

Overall, I'm liking the palette. It's not really unique because I've seen palettes from other brands with almost the same shades. But I do love how it looks and how it performs and at least I get to keep a palette from the brand. :P

What do you think of this? Do you own an eyeshadow from KATE too?



  1. I feel like this is a dramatic smokey look but I also see a soft romantic look in there. Crush ko talaga Kate, they have so much good stuff!

    1. I see that too! I really want to get more my hands on more KATE stuff! Sayang I wasn't able to drop by when they had their Holiday sale last Christmas. :P

    2. I see that too! I really want to get more my hands on more KATE stuff! Sayang I wasn't able to drop by when they had their Holiday sale last Christmas. :P

  2. the shimmers <3
    great for night outs!

  3. I do love how shimmery and shiney they are but that white is really bright and I would probably use it on the lid as I think it might be too bright under the brow. I like how you used it, I very much prefer shadow gradients like this than the dark to light from the lashline up to the browbone!

    1. I prefer applying them that way too. But I guess it depends on the eye shape. :)

  4. Love the palette! The shimmer then dark hue looks great!


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