Thursday, April 17, 2014

Unboxing: Regatta (April 2014) Saladbox

Hello dearies!

Just received my Saladbox for the month of April yesterday!

As I held the package, I noticed that it was heavy and I thought, there'll be a bottle of something inside... probably a lotion or fragrance. So as I unwrapped the courier's plastic, I saw this...

Woot! It's a specialty box again and for this month, they teamed up with Regatta!
I've always liked seeing Regatta stores. Though the clothing style isn't really my thing (I like very feminine, princessy clothes), I love their interiors—the sailing at the sea feel. It's like it's always summer there! 

I was really curious about what's inside... would there be clothes? Accessories? I even closed my eyes so I'd be "extra" surprised. Haha! 

So here are the stuff inside: 

An introduction and the list of the products inside.

25th Anniversary Limited Edition Eau de Toilette for Woman—Php 425.00
Wow! A full-sized fragrance! And it smells good too. I think I'll be using this for the summer!

25th Anniversary Limited Edition Eau de Toilette for Man—Php 425.00
It's a sample size and uhhh... I don't have a Saladbox Man! *cries* Kidding! I'll be giving this to my brother... probably add it to his birthday gift (it's his birth month).

Lip Balm with Sunscreen Protection in Green Apple and Chocolate—Php 85.00
These balms have sunscreen! Perfect for the intense sun this summer! Can't wait to try these out.

Sunblock Spray SPF70 UVA/UVB—Php 245.00
High SPF! Wonderful! And the bottle is very handy too so it's a keeper in my travel bag and probably even in my everyday bag!

I think I got everything in full-size except for the fragrance for men. I'm happy with this month's Saladbox and I'm getting really impressed with them since I got two great boxes for the past two months. Great job, Saladbox! Hope you keep this going!

And if you're interested to know more about Regatta, check out the SNS on the card!



  1. Akala ko may damit! Hahahah! I don't know how to feel about the box. Ok kasi puro full sized but they're not really known for cosmetics. :\ Sana okay. :D

    1. I thought so too. But the products included are more on skin essentials for everyday. Using some of them now. :D

  2. Hmmmm, interesting box... san magtuluy tuloy na yan...:)

  3. I was a bit disappointed because I expected that there might be a GC or discount coupon or even a membership card :P