Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tony Moly Tear Glitter Eye Powder in #1 White

Hey dears!

Sharing a quick swatch post tonight and it's about the...

Tony Moly Tear Glitter Eye Powder
I bought it for Php 348.00 at the Tony Moly Store in SM North Edsa.

The shade I got is in #1 White. It's available in two other shades—Pink and Gold.

Product description from the website:
Complete moisturized and shiny eye makeup with rich glitter eye powder

I bought this because I thought it would be handy for some of the makeup experiments I have in mind. I'm also a fan of doing those tear glitter effects at the bottom eyelids so I thought it's worth buying.

Here's a closeup of the applicator.
I like that it's placed separately from the powder product. But I don't really use this with the product, I find brushes more effective when applying glitter powder.

Here's the swatch on my hand.

It's very powdery which makes it messy and difficult to apply. But I do like how fine it is and how it sticks to my eyelids (with good primer). It doesn't last all day but I usually use this on creative looks or special occasions that only last a few hours.

Any thoughts on this product? Do you like using glitter powders too?



  1. I do like products that look like this for highlighting my lids or inner lids but I prefer them not in a powder form! It really can be messy! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Me too. But once in a while I like to use a different product. Haha! You're welcome. :D

  2. I have the Tear Drop Liner from Etude House. Gel type siya kaya it isn't that messy much.

    I didnt know Tony Moly has this. But I'm guessing you might particles in your eyes?
    Keep us updated! ^_^