Friday, April 11, 2014

Canmake Day & UV Lip Serum

Good evening ladies,

The hot nights have already spelled summer and we all know what that means... SUN, SUN, SUN. I bet a lot of you ladies have already started planning your summer escapades. Now do not forget to pack your summer make-up kits, and by that I mean products packed with SPF. Other than your usual sunblocks, another essential product for the summer would be lip balms. But have you ever tried using lip serums?

Here's one from Canmake.

Their lip serum is packed with SPF 14 which is perfect for the summer season.

Since the brand, Canmake, was originally marketed for teens, their packaging has that youthful, fun, and cute appeal.

I would appreciate it if they already provide these in English. I think this is the ingredients list.

However here's a product info from their Tokyo website:

The product is in a tube form and the serum pretty much resembles lip gloss.

The product comes in two colors, pink and red. As for the description of the pink colored serum, it gives off a nude-like hue to the lips for that innocent look. The red however, enhances the natural redness of the lips giving them that extra lusciousness. :)

As you can see here, the serum is similar in consistency to clear gloss. It's tinged with a little hint of red. 

When applied on the lips it gives a glossy finish. It's not sticky and not that heavy on the lips. Peculiarly, although the lips look super glossed up, the product does not easily transfer onto other surfaces (I do not end up with hairs sticking on to my glossed lips)

And it has a sweet smell and taste.

However, as far as hydration goes, this is far from being my favorite. I tried it when my lips were super chapped and it hardly helped me with relieving the chap. I was expecting more moisturizing effect from the product since as far as I know, "serums" offer deep moisturizing qualities. But sadly, it performs like any other medium quality lip balms.

I am not sure of the price of the product locally, but I know it's quite affordable. I do still want to try other products from this brand, especially the ones they launched this summer. Well, hope you try this too.


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  1. Interesting! I've never seen this in singapore before! I totally get what they are trying to do but because it's a glossy finish type of lipgloss, I'd expect it to wear off quite quickly and I'm just assuming that the sunblock factor might wear off too? Thanks for sharing your opinions though, I'm just going to stick to spf in my lipbalms!