Wednesday, April 02, 2014

L.A. Colors Diamond Shine Lipgloss in Golden Peach

Hi dears!

Since it's the summer season already here in the Philippines, I try to make my makeup a little lighter and more on the warm and bronzy shades. And since my lippie collections are mostly bold reds and pinks, I decided to buy a gloss that would look natural on the lips. I am not much of a fan of lipgloss so I just bought one that's very affordable...

L.A. Colors Diamond Shine Lipgloss
Bought this at Robinsons Magnolia Department Store for Php 150.00.

The shade is Golden Peach.

So I bought this because I love PEACH (my blog name's a giveaway)! I love glosses that are in that color because it's warm,feminine and very wearable. I think it's the color of my second lippie ever and it's also a lipgloss.

Here's a closeup of the applicator.
It's good but not the best. I have to do multiple dips so that I get the desired gloss for my lips. 

Swatch on my hand
I like the shimmers. They are very fine and they feel smooth on the lips. I also like that the colors of the shimmers are mixtures of gold and silver.

Swatch on lips

I would have loved this lipgloss if it weren't for it's sheerness. It like I only added gloss and glitters. I was expecting a little more peach color from it. So I guess I'll just use it on top of a lipstick because I don't like wearing something this sheer on my lips. 

Do you like wearing glosses over lippies? What's your favorite brand (mines Fusion Beauty's LipFusion)?



  1. I am not so into lipgloss as I age. Hahaha (I sound so old) I used to love them when I was in grade school till highschool.

    1. Me too. I used to love glosses but now I only used them like a few times a month. Haha! :D

  2. Try Fashion 21's Marble Lip Gloss. It's a more opaque, frosted nude gloss. :)

    1. Okay. Will check it out! Thanks for the reco! :D