Tuesday, April 08, 2014

MAC Shadestick in Crimsonaire

Good evening again ladies,

Two posts for tonight. This time, I'll share with you one of MAC's limited edition make ups that I happened to get my hands on, MAC Shadestick in Crimsonaire.

Here's the ingredients list for this product.

The shadestick works pretty much like a cream-based eyeshadow which you glide on your lid or a chunky eyeliner if you fancy to use it that way. The shade is a pretty pink with red undertones, kind of reminds me of Barbie actually.

Since it is a limited edition, the only information I found about the product, other than from other bloggers, is from Nordstrom. Here's the product detail that they have.

The color is quite intense when swatched over the hand and glides fairly well. However, since the consistency of the shadestick is quite dry (making it possible to be used like a pencil), unlike potted cream eye shadows, you'll really feel it pulling and dragging. The color also needs to be built up so you need to smooth over the area quite a few times.

Other users apparently have had the same problems which had discouraged some in using them. I myself got discouraged from using it all over since I did not like the dragging feel. However, the staying power is quite formidable as even after thorough rubbing, it is minimally smudged and the color stays on long.

So, is there some less stressful way of getting such an amazing product and color on to our lids?

Some users suggest using a brush or your fingers as an applicator instead of applying directly from the bullet. However, I have not tried this so I cannot attest as to whether it gives the same results, I will try it out one of these days and post an EOTD of it along with the supporting review.

I read that there have been dupes of this product so I hope this post helps you with your possible purchases if ever you come across any of those. Will update you soon.


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