Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lancome:Color Design and Blush Subtil

Good evening ladies,

Here's a quick swatch post on Lancome's 2 Color Design eye shadows and 1 Blush Subtil.

These three share the same design and is quite sophisticated looking.

There's no accompanying brush with these three. I originally put them together thinking that they were part of a collection set but then again, I realized they weren't/ Anyway... here's the swatch post for the eye shadows.

From UL to LR: Off the Rack (Metallic), Daylight (Matte), Sultry Mauve (Matte), Ciel Du Soir (Matte)

This palette is perfect for a girly day out look. I'm not as happy with the mattes in this palette as they do not color as much but I was pretty excited with Off the Rack. It has a little bluish tinge to it and that got me all fuzzy inside. I guess this would be perfect for the dusted on eye shadow look. Moving on.

From UL to LR: Drape (Sheen), Style Section (Metallic), The New Black (Metallic), Ciel Du Soir (Matte)

Obviously, this would be perfect for night outs and smokey eye make ups. The colors here are more pigmented than the first but still falls short in comparison to other eye shadows. This is a gift to my mom and I guess it's perfect for someone like her who wants to add just a little touch of color. It is build-able so she can adjust it to the intensity she wants. Also, the glitter does not go all over the face so it's quite a clean application.

This is quite a lovely color though you do need to build it up as you go, or else you won't appreciate it as much. 

Well, that's it for this quick post. Sorry that it's so short. Will try to do an FOTD using these products soon.



  1. OOO...Lancome! I absolutely love their products although I don't have many! One of my first rose blushes was from lancome, a shade called sable rose I think. They have the silkiest, prettiest blushes and are under rated!

  2. I have the Off the Rack/Daylight/Sultry Mauve/Ciel Du Soir one. I got it as a gift from my aunt. Do you have an idea how much does this cost? :)