Thursday, April 10, 2014

Review : Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Ultra-Volume Mascara

Hello loves!

Time for a mascara review!

I've only subscribed to BDJ once... It's not because I don't like the products they give, in fact, I'm very jealous of the people who have received their boxes when I read their unboxing posts... it's just that it's always sold out whenever I have the extra cash to use on a subscription box. And reserving one so you can get it after 3-4 months is just too long for me. I'm a bit impatient when I buy items. :P But I did subscribe to one box just so I can try it and it was the BDJ box for the months of January and February.

Among the items included is this mascara from Yves Rocher...

Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Ultra-Volume Mascara

The one I got is a sample/travel size. Regular size is worth Php 650.00.

Let's check out the details of the tube:

And here are product details from the website:

Lash-by-lash volume, 12-hour wear!
The creamy texture of Sexy Pulp Lash Plumping Mascara, enriched with Carnauba wax, coats and thickens every single lash without weighing them down. It helps create as much volume as you want without clumping. Your lashes stay supple, never brittle for a full 12 hours.
Finally, a lash plumping mascara for even more voluminous lashes. Result: a sublime and sexy look!

The Plus: An innovative maxi-brush with generous curves for a lash plumping result!

Here's how the applicator looks like.

The brush applicator looks a bit weird... it sort of reminds me of a bee... I dunno why. Lol
The shape, I guess, is made to make application easier. The ends are a bit chunkier so that it touches the inner and outer corner lashes of the eyes. It's a great idea but I think the brush is just too big for some people. I personally do not mind it but I know a couple of people who find this too big that they get mascara on their lids.

Anyway, let's see the product in action:

Bare eyes

Lashes curled

One coat

Two coats

The mascara is very black. The formula is lightweight and doesn't bring down my lashes. It's lengthening and volumizing! Really, really big pluses for me! With just one coat, I already look like I'm wearing false lashes. It doesn't clump on my lashes too even with two coats. And it's water-resistant and I don't experience any panda eyes or smudging with this mascara.

What I LIKE:

 - Waterproof
- Keeps my lashes curled
- Very black
- Volumizing and lengthening
- No smudging, no panda eyes
- No clumping
What I'm NEUTRAL about:

- Price


- Applicator is too chunky.

Would I buy again?
Most probably. I'm still eyeing some other mascaras but I am also planning on buying a full-size of this one.

So what are your thoughts on this product? Do you use products from Yves Rocher? Which is your favorite?



  1. This looks so good on your lashes! I can see the volume definitely! I agree the brush look giant! But I really love how dense the bristles are!

    1. Same! I am leaning towards buying the regular sized one!