Sunday, October 02, 2011

Dawn gets her hair permed at Azta Salon Part 1

Hey, Lovely Ladies!

 I've been planning to get my hair permed again since the time I chopped off my curls from my previous perm. My sis said I have more personality with permed hair kasi. 

I was set to get my hair permed at Affascinante Salon. I really like how Ms. Weng handles her clients and the quality of her service. The curls of my hair were still visible after a year. 

But my sis, Tracy, convinced me to try out Azta Salon in SM San Lazaro. She already tried their service and wanted me to try it out as well (plus, she also had an offer of having a free hair treatment if she convinced me to get my hair done there). So I went along with it since I'm such a sweet sister. Haha! :)

So yesterday, my sister and I went to Azta Salon is SM San Lazaro to get my hair permed. I met Rich Abella, their senior stylist. She was really nice, very accommodating and was there to take care of us the whole time we were there.

Here's some pictures of how our day went at Azta Salon:

 Me waiting and saying goodbye to my natural wavy hair.

 Shot of me before they put the chemicals on my hair. BTW, their shampoo smells so good! TeeHee :P

 My sis getting nerdy as she waits for her turn. Haha! :))

 My hair drenched in chemicals. 

 Tracy decided to retouch the roots of her hair.

 Look at all those tubes rolled up on my head! 

 These are very heavy. LOL. 

 Tubes are now connected to the machine. I remember the Iron Man movie whenever I see this picture. :P

 Hair getting heated up!

Tracy getting her hair treatment. 
And then here's what we look like after I get my perm and Tracy gets her hair retouched and treated:

My hair here is still a bit wet in this picture. Rich told me that the waves will still get bigger. Right now I'm instructed not to wash my hair so it's still kinda greasy and all. Haha! 

I'll just update you in a few days. :)



  1. awww beach waves ^_^ wish i had the guts to have a perm again, natrauma ko sa pinsan ko, she called me nazareno O_O
    it's funny now, but LOL not back then :P

  2. I was scared that the curls would be too small or be too kinky. Good thing the waves got bigger. Can't wait to finally wash my hair. So greasy na! Haha! :D

  3. Super inggit ako! I want to have those curls too. My hair has been straight (and long) so I want change. Hehe.

  4. Dawn! :) What do you put on your permed hair? Is it better to put mousse? :) Thnks!

  5. Yes, curling mousse is your super friend with permed hair. Adds volume and it keeps the curls in place. :)