Thursday, February 21, 2013

Review : The Face Shop Face It All About Gel Eyeliner

Hi dearies!

Out of all the kinds of eyeliners, Gel Liners are probably my favorite. They are the easiest to use and the most long lasting! That's why I have to have one in my stash... always.

Today, I will be sharing with you my review of my latest gel liner...

The Face Shop Face It All About Gel Eyeliner
This is around Php 650-700 in stores.

I bought it because I haven't tried much items from The Face Shop and the box looks so pretty. Haha! 

This gel eyeliner comes in 5 colors : Black, Brown, White, Pink and Blue.

So here's a little description of the product from the box:

The container is very classy. A bit heavy compared to previous gel liners I've tried. But I don't mind since I don't bring it with me when I go out. 

It comes with an dual-tip applicator. One end is the brush and the other end is a smudger for that perfect smokey eyes look.
I just don't have a picture of it since I think I lost it. :P

Here is a swatch of it on my hand:

In just one swipe, you get this black finish already. But if you want it darker, then you can just apply more. The color is buildable.
This gel liner is very creamy compared to other gel liners I've used. Since it's creamy, it glides well making application very easy. This is probably the creamiest and easiest to apply in all the gel liners I have used so far.

And to test if it is indeed waterproof, I placed my hand against running water and nothing happened. And then I rubbed my hand several times and this is what it looked like:

Minimal smudging!
And take note, I rubbed it several times.

And what about it's lasting power?
It's pretty good! It barely does any smudging too. Except this one time that I didn't wear any eyeshadow and my oily eyelids got the better of my gel liner. Boo. So I guess it's better if you have oily skin like me, that you use some powder eye shadows so that the eyelids don't get too oily. It would be better if you also use eyeshadow base/primer. :)

I use this gel liner mostly as an eyeliner to define my eyes.
But it can be used for smokey makeup too. But you have to smudge it fast since this gel liner dries pretty fast upon application. And also, try not to open your eyes too fast when applied. Let it dry first to avoid it going to your upper part of your eyelids.

What I like about it:

Easy to use

Glides easily
Long lasting
Barely experience smudging
Locally available
Works well weather you like a clean, defined line or smokey eyes
Dries fast upon application
Packaging is nice
Buildable color
Comes in 5 colors

What I don't like:

More expensive than most of the gel liners I've used. Will rather buy online than in stores.

Will I buy again?
I would. It's easy to use and performs great. Though I'm still open to try other brands.

That's all for my review!

Have you tried this product from The Face Shop yet? 
Any other gel liners worth trying out? Do share!



  1. Great review, Dawn! Sige na nga, I'll try these potted eyeliners. Online din ako bibili, lol. ;)

  2. really nice review! I'm thinking of switching from liquid to gel liners as well kasi hindi masyado tumatagal yung current eye liner ko....will try this one for sure :)

    xx ALice

  3. Ang mahal for a gel liner :( the one i'm currently using is from maybelline.. around 499 yata. :P

  4. idky but I have yet to find a gel eyeliner that I like :( even the hyped up fluidline and the bobby brown one i don't find so great. they usually give me panda eyes

  5. Czjai - Go lang! Gel liners are the best (at least for me)!

    Alice - Hope you like it too!

    Hazel - I love maybelline's as well. Pricey nga ito pero online, it's waaay affordable. Around Php400 too!

    Angel - Really? And I thought that the Bobby Brown one was so good already. :(