Wednesday, February 06, 2013

EOTD : Dramatic Blue and Purple and Warm Pink

Hey everyone!

Been a while since I posted any EOTD's or FOTD's so I did a status update in our Facebook Page and a friend, Kath, suggested that I do something that would suit a blue or purple gown since she has a cousin-in-law attending her prom wearing that.

So anyway, I tried experimenting and got this look:

and a close up to the eyes:

I used my Urban Decay Book of Shadows III / UDNYC for the eye shadows, Coffret D'Or Gel Liner, and Avon One Great Mascara.

I used a really bold blue all over my lids and a dark purple at the outer sides. I then added some warm pink tones at the top of my eye socket to blend them altogether.

I then applied some thick black eyeliner and some purple eye shadow at the bottom lash line. And finished the look off with some black mascara.

If you want more dramatic effect, use false lashes! :D

That's all for this EOTD. Hope you like it!



  1. Gorgeous look! Love the touch of purple on the lower eyeline. :D

  2. haha ang napansin ko dito e yung hair mo! hahaha! ang ganda ng hair color mo ..

  3. Dawn :) Thank you so much! I love this EOTD that you experimented. Smoky in a way na hindi harsh and pede talaga sa prom :D will bookmark this na. Super love :D