Thursday, February 07, 2013

Sakura Foam Hand Sanitizer

Hello everyone!

I always bring either a small bottle of hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol (isopropyl or ethyl or whatever I find in my house that I can transfer in my small spray bottle) inside my bag for hygienic purposes. We have to keep our hands clean since we get to touch things that we do not know where they've been, like money to name one example. Dirty hands are probably one of the major causes of sickness and acne (eew!), and who wants those?

Another reason why it's important for me to bring one is because I draw a lot and sometimes I need to clean the pencil lead off my hands when I do my sketches. 
And oh, for clean hands when I do my makeup touch ups!

Right now, you'll see a bottle of
Sakura Foam Hand Sanitizer 
in my Kikay bag.

I have a two bottles of the 50ml one, which is around Php 90.00 each, but it is also available in a 200ml bottle.
I got them from my previous Salad Boxes.

The packaging is quite cute. Like a beach, summer-y feeling. Like giving you an idea that it will give a clean, refreshing feeling once you use it. I like!

At the back of the bottle, you'll see some product descriptions and list of ingredients.

The bottle has a foam pump.
Yes, FOAM! It's what makes this product unique from all the hand sanitizers I've tried!

See! It's just so cute that it releases foam! Haha!
I excitedly kept asking people if they want some hand sanitizer so I can squeeze the foam out... yeah, I'm weird like that. Haha! I just like seeing their amazed faces when they see the foam. :P

Anyway, it's in a mild floral scent.
I like how it smells. Not like the hospital smelling ones I used before.
And what makes this product more interesting, other than it kills 99.9% of common germs, is that it is quite moisturizing! It's like a mild hand lotion already! 

Have you tried Sakura Foam Hand Sanitizer yet?
Share with us your thoughts on this.


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  1. I have a sanitizer like this from Snoe naman. And yeah, I love it when people say, "galing" hahaha! Because my sanitizer has fooooam. LOL