Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nature Republic Haul

Good evening ladies,

When we discovered that Nature Republic was having a general markdown of prizes this February, we were all over it and went shopping-crazy at buying and stocking up on various facial care, hair care and some make up products that we could haul from them. And here they are.

DAY 1:

Facial Foam

Moisture Sleeping Pack

Oil Control Face Mist

Multipurpose Moisturizer

Brow Liner

And because our budget was tight on day 1... we had a day 2 of shopping. :)

DAY 2:

Face Packs

Collagen HD Foundation Essence (Php 645.00)

Styling wax


And because we went shopping-crazy, we were able to collect all three designs of the freebie mirrors that they gave away. Cool huh? :)


Well, there you have it. Catch their general markdown on any NATURE REPUBLIC store near you before the end of February. We're not sure if they'll extend it. We hope they do so we'd have a day 3 of shopping for skin care stuffs. 

Do wait for the reviews of the haul products and if you want anything reviewed in advance, do comment.



  1. How much were the items? :)

    Review on the mascara, face mist, foundation and moisturizer pleeaassee!!!<3

  2. @CJ - Kind of forgot the prices on each one. but everything except for the foundation were under 300 pesos. :) the brow liner was 95 pesos...