Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pinkies Collection Lipstick in Champagne Bubble

Hello beautiful people!

Salmon Pink is my super favorite color. So seeing a stall in that color while I was browsing a Watsons branch in Cebu attracted me... and then bought quite a number of products from. Haha!

This is one of the products I bought:

Pinkies Collection Lipstick in Champagne Bubble

I bought this because I wanted a matte pinkish nude lipstick.
The lipstick is very affordable at Php149.95. :)

The packaging is alright. The quality isn't fancy much and it looks a lot like MAC lipsticks. The shape and the size is almost identical. :P

The box is of the cute salmon pink color or pastel peachy pink.

Included are the shade number and ingredients.

A swatch on my arm

and here's the product on my lips

It's a warm, pink, nude shade, right?
I often put it on top of darker shade lipsticks too and it makes a big difference in making that dark, bold color look more subtle.

I'm glad I bought this and looking forward to trying out their other lippies. I'm just not sure where their other branches are here in Manila. I think there's one in SM Mall of Asia?
If you know, do share and comment below! :D

Have you tried any product from Pinkies?
What do you think of this shade?



  1. Such a nice matte looking nude shade but I think it works with your tan complexion very well. I haven't seen this brand in watsons in singapore!

  2. Yep, may pinkies collection sa mall of asia, but not in their stand alone store... they're in the sm department store beauty section

  3. Wow, this is the perfect nude shade for you! I like it (: