Monday, February 11, 2013

Max Factor Lipstick in Burnt Caramel

Hey guys!

It's a sad Tuesday for me since my sis, Trace, will be leaving for Australia once again. It will take several months for her to visit Manila again. On December to be exact. That's soooo far away! Unless my mom decides to take me to AU this summer (here's hoping).
I'll surely miss hanging out with her, especially the kikay shoppings! But, oh well. Such is life, as she says. 

Anyway, for today, I'll just share a lipstick post about my sister's current favorite lipstick:

Max Factor Lipstick in Burnt Caramel

She bought it in AU when she was looking for a nice nude lippie.

She had to change her lippie selections since she is waaay tanner now. She had to give up her bright fuchsias for now (and gave them to me, haha!).

I just realized that I don't have a Max Factor lipstick of my own!
So this is the first MF lipstick post for the blog! Haha!

Here's me wearing the lipstick.

It's a really nice shade, don't you think?
It has a subtle glossy finish too.
It's not the long-lasting kind of lipstick that Max Factor is quite famous for. But this one never dried my lips nor my sis'. 

What do you think of the shade?
What's your favorite Max Factor lipstick?



  1. on the tube it looks too dark, but it actually looks like a pretty nude lippie ^_^

  2. I don't have a Max Factor lipstick pa din. LOL. Well, I love the shade of this lipstick. I love the subtle and nude finish it gave your lips. :)

  3. I love this shade on you! It seems a lot darker in the packaging but on your lips its such a good nude! Love it!