Monday, February 18, 2013

Shop for Fab at GoFavor!

Hello everyone!

Online shopping is nothing new to me.
Now that most of us are busy with school, work or family, we can barely have the time or energy to go to malls to shop. That's why I just do it within the comforts of my home and so far so good, I am very satisfied with most of the items I bought online.

So a few weeks ago, I was contacted by, an online shop from China that sells fabulous jewelries, hair accessories and fashionable apparels. They asked me if I'd like to try out their services and check out their website where I can have 3 items. I wasn't aware of them before but while browsing their site, you'll see how many satisfied customers they have. I also enjoyed looking for cute stuff, especially the accessories which they have a very, very wide selection to choose from. After a while of hard searching (because there are so many nice ones that I also like), I chose these 3 necklaces:

Nice, eh?
I got them after a couple of weeks. They even sent a tracking number so that I can check up on my parcel.

The parcel was in a box and each accessory was wrapped carefully in bubble wrap so that the items will arrive in good condition. 
And they did! Just look how lovely they are! They look exactly what they look like in the website!

I chose this because of the classy look which I usually sport.

The pendant is just gorgeous!

That's me wearing it. It makes a simple dress look elegant.

Fashion Bow Long Chain Pendant Locket Necklace

This one I like because it's a mixture of corky and pretty.

Besides that, my favorite color is Pink Salmon!

And the pendant with the owl print is so cute!

I use it for casual wear. Doesn't it look nice with my peach cardigan?

And finally,

Luxurious Rhinestone Multi Chains Bib Necklace

This one is the most extravagant out of the three.

The details are really nice!

It's a centerpiece to any outfit.

So what do you think of the necklaces I chose?

If you like them as well, why not check them out at and you might find more items that you might like as well. Ordering is easy and they are very accommodating. 

Now getting your desired jewelries and clothing is easier and more comfortable! 
And have I mentioned that they also have lots of discounts offered? 

 If you wanna know more about GoFavor,
check their website or visit their Facebook Page!


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