Sunday, February 17, 2013

MAC Lipstick in Fresco

Good evening ladies,

Today I share with you one of my oldest lipstick shades. One of my faves as well, MAC's Fresco.

First got mine from a relative from the States, and it's also one of my first MAC product. 

Here it is swatched over the hand.

And here are my lips sans Fresco

and here it is applied

So I've kept this with me for so long because it's a great semi-neutral color. It leaves a subtle red lips look on your lips without looking too severe or too in your face. It's not a substitute for a red lips look though, but it's close to that especially when you're going to a place/event where a real red lips look is a little frowned upon (a.k.a. school with strict teachers).

So that's it with my short swatch post. Good luck to the weekdays. :)


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