Sunday, February 24, 2013

Review: The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso BB Serum Inside

Good evening ladies,

A few weeks ago we received The Body Shop's new Moisture White Shiso BB Serum Inside, so here's our review of the product.

First of we start with the packaging.

The packaging is really clean-looking and since it's a pump, it really is very clean. :)


Before we dive in to the review, here's what this product is promising (from their press release)

Want brighter-looking skin, day after day?  You got it!  Meet new Moisture White Shiso BB Serum Inside SPF 25 PA+++, our supercharged, skin-caring BB Cream that’s infused with serum powered by shiso. The results are so noticeable that 71% of 100 Asian women who tried it saw instantly fairer skin upon application.

Our entire Moisture WhiteShiso range is inspired by the humble herb shiso which is a member of the mint/basil family and believed to reduce early melanin-making signals for brighter, more luminous skin.

Your Supercharged Multi-Tasker

Delivering superior skincare benefits, Moisture White Shiso BB Serum Inside instantly brightens, corrects, protects and cares for your complexion, making it the multi-tasking must-have for busy, time-pressed mornings.  With a wonderfully lightweight, smooth texture, our sensational serum-infused BB Cream is a joy to apply.

Suitable for all skin types, its radiant beige shade was specially developed to suit most Asian skin tones. The good level of coverage provides a natural finish.  Perfect!

8 Benefits In 1
You work extra hard and so should your BB cream! This lightweight skincare BB cream contains ingredients from our bestselling serum to deliver eight – yes, count them! – benefits in every application:
1.     Brightening
2.     Instant Hydration
3.     Natural Finish
4.     Easily Blendable
5.     UV Protection (mineral sunscreen SPF 25 PA +++)
6.     Soothing
7.     Evens Skin Tone
8.     Lightweight

Nature’s Brighteners Get Active!
Our entire Moisture White Shiso range is infused with a powerful combination of natural ingredients.   Shiso, Vitamin C, liquorice and Community Fair Trade organic aloe vera work together in a special complex designed to help you achieve a luminous skin tone.

A renowned antioxidant, Vitamin C helps reduce excessive melanin production.  Rich in flavonoids, liquorice is known to enhance skin-brightening.  And aloe vera is prized for its soothing and cooling properties.

The Review

Ok so off the bat, true, the BB serum inside does brighten you up, but I wouldn't say it's a feature that's exclusive to this product. I mean, I find most of my BB creams to be brightening or lightening (since they tend to gray my complexion out) and this one is not an exception. Refer to our pictures below.

With regards to the instant hydration, well, I was using the product during my driest time, as in my skin was super dry, almost to flaking and my sebaceous dermatitis were all acting up. So, did this product help it quell my skin problems? Well, I'd say YES, though using it alone would not and did not help eliminate the problem, I still had to use my deep moisturizers and steroids for the dermatitis but it did help prevent it from worsening.

Natural finish... depends on the person using and how much you're using. On me I find using half a pea-size amount is enough for it too look natural. Too much and I'd look stark pale and just wrong.

Easily blend-able. I find that using a brush makes it easier to blend.  I do not recommend using your fingers as the product is quickly absorbed by the skin so it makes it a little harder to blend/spread when you're using your fingers.

I love anything and everything with SPF and UV protection and with it having SPF 25, that just about makes me happy to have it with me. :)

Soothing... can't really comment on that. I wasn't particularly noticing it.

Evens skin tone, I'll say YES  to this one, if you're able to apply it evenly and well enough. :)

Lightweight, indeed it is... but since I put a lot more to even out my skin color, it's a feature that I don't much notice.

And here are the pictures of when we used the product.

My face without the product.

Applying it to certain parts of my face then working on blending it out from there.

As you can see with the finish, it grays my complexion out.

And here we are finally, after some added pigments. A nicely hydrated face.

In summary:

What I like:
All natural ingredients
Packed with vitamin C, aloe vera and shiso

What I don't like:
Grays out my complexion

Will I buy again?
So since this was given to us, I'm not sure how much it costs. I've seen how much it is in Australia and in other countries and it's around 30-40 dollars so I'm assuming the PHP price is near that. I probably won't yet since I still have a lot of BB creams lying around.

So that's how it is. Danica did also mention that this product is actually more of a skin care product than a make-up and I agree on that note as well. I do love this product but opted to give it to my mom so she can have a really great BB cream since she doesn't use any. So far she's liking it. :)



  1. hi, there
    nice review u have here
    so it's more a skicare than make up, sounds nice for me since I look for light coverage.
    guess I'll be buying one soon after my recent bb cream runs out.

    btw I'm Deasy from
    nice to visit ur blog^^

  2. hi, there
    nice review u have here
    so it's more a skicare than make up, sounds nice for me since I look for light coverage.
    guess I'll be buying one soon after my recent bb cream runs out.

    btw I'm Deasy from
    nice to visit ur blog^^