Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be Yourself with BYS!

Hello, hello! :)

I'm so excited to share with you a brand that is absolutely a must watch for...

BYS Cosmetics
Which stands for Be Yourself.

I was invited by fellow blogger, Shen, to the relaunch event of the brand last week.
Why relaunch? It was actually first launched back in 2012. To create a bigger audience, this time they made an event solely for bloggers.

Honestly, I haven't heard of the brand before. So as soon as I got the invite, I immediately researched it and learned that it's actually an Australian Brand. I asked my sis who is currently residing there and said that she's quite aware of the brand and has seen it in stores. This got me really excited since I'll get to try out something new. Looking at their website, it seems like it's a brand that has a wide range of products and colors, even neon ones!

So when I got to the event, which was held in Seda Hotel, BHS, I saw these:

Sets of makeup stations containing BYS makeups which you can try out. Of course I played around and took swatches. If you want to check out the pictures of the swatches I took, check out our Facebook Page.

There were so many products to try out! From primers to eyeshadows, foundations to lipsticks, it was all there! And that's not all of it, there are still some to watch out for. I can't wait to visit their stalls in the malls soon. I heard they also have the organic mineral makeup too which is so nice especially for those who have sensitive skin.

But anyway, besides trying out the products, we get to meet the people that brought BYS to the country and even got some tips on the latest beauty looks.

Here's Tony Chua, President of iFace Cosmetics, the exclusive distributor of the brand in the Philippines. 
"Like iFace, the Australian company that founded BYS also began in fashion accessories. According to him, 'Both iFace and GFA in Australia share the thinking that, makeup – like fashion accessories-- allows women to express themselves.  Makeup should not conceal but enhance who she truly is. And that’s what BYS is all about.' BYS stand for Be Yourself."
And after the brand introduction, we got beauty tips from Hongkong-based Fashion Cosultant, Michael Bourgeois.

He has worked with top brands like  L'Oreal, Coty, The Body Shop, YSL, to name a few.
And oh, it was actually his birthday that day too! :P

He shared with us the current trends and tips in makeup.

Here are the models wearing BYS makeup and sporting the current trends.

After the presentation, they let us roam around and use the makeups, chitchat with fellow bloggers, the models and the speakers and also fill our stomachs with the delicious food served. The chicken barbecue was amazing!

I got to take home all of these too! That's super generous of them! Stay tuned for my reviews! :D

So for you to get to know more about BYS, here are some info about them:
BYS is a fun, fashionable and affordable brand from Australia. Now in the Philippines, the brand’s constant flow of creative and innovative products is responsible for its growth worldwide.

BYS’s range of eye products including eyeliners, pencils and mascara come in the regular shades as well as in neon and with glitter.

The BYS Minerals Naturale line is formulated with the natural ingredients free of chemicals, dyes, preservatives and talc making it safe even for women who have just had skin treatments.
BYS offers Filipinas the freedom of choice. To be who they are, and be who they aspire to be.
BYS is about current, modern, affordable and appropriate beauty. 
Set the Trends. 
Be YourSelf. 

Are you excited to try BYS too?
I sure am!



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  1. I'm so intrigue with this BYS cosmetics. Looking for your product reviews :)