Monday, February 04, 2013

Obsessed with The Body Shop's Vanilla Bliss

Hi lovely people!

I would just love to share this current scent obsession whenever I take my baths/showers.

The Body Shop's Vanilla Bliss

I have the Shower Gel and Body Polish
Been using them alternately the day I opened them last December (except for the week when I went out of town).

I think I have mentioned in some of my posts that I am a huuuugggeee Vanilla fan whether its skin care or Ice cream. But whenever The Body Shop's Christmas Limited Editions arrive, I'm usually torn with Cranberry Joy and Vanilla Bliss (Though Ginger Sparkle smells awesome too  - it reminds me of a really sweet root beer float).

But for this year, I'm all for Vanilla Bliss!
I don't know if they tweaked the formula a little or something but this is a winner scent for me! I can't get enough of it! A little of the products goes a long way. It gets foamy and the scent sticks to your skin. It's not the overly sweet scented Vanilla (which I still like since it is still Vanilla). The scent is just mildly sweet, warm and delicious and very addicting! And oh, the packaging is better this year compared to last year's too and they changed the scent's name from Spiced Vanilla!

I still have an extra Body Polish, which was a Christmas Gift from The Body Shop, in stock which I'm so thankful for since this scent is only available during the Christmas Season.
Maybe I should have gotten some more. I will surely miss it when I run out and I'd have to wait for a long time to get my hands on them again.

Do you like The Body Shop's Vanilla Bliss scent?
Do you love Vanilla Scents like I do?



  1. Oh I love TBS's vanilla bliss range! :) Same tayo!

  2. I'm getting into the vanilla scent-craze na! Would love to give this a try. :)

  3. If you still love it, I'm about to post some on EBay. I received a gift set of shower gel, body polish, soap, & body butter. I found your page while looking for a descriptive scent description to add :)