Monday, February 25, 2013

Peachypinksisters Prepares for Prom

Hello ladies!

Promenades are quite the event won't you agree? Prom nights are always such a big thing when you're in high school and the preparations for it are always one of the most nerve wracking and money spending venture of our high school life. Right?

Well anyway, remember Liz's sister, Mitzi? She had her JS Prom last January 31, and we being the kind "ate-s" decided to offer our services and help her prepare.

Of course, Dawn did the make up while Liz did the hair. 

Mr. Bong Lazo of Retazzo was kind enough to let Liz's sister borrow one of his designer gowns for the event. Many thanks to him. :)

Photo by: Danny Vasquez

She looks quite the lady doesn't she? 

Photo by: Danny Vasquez

And here she is striking a pose with her best friend.

Well, we were very happy to be of help to Mitzi and quite happier that we had the chance to do a make-over. How'd you like the look? Any prom stories from you guys?



  1. wow! good job! galing I swear na pa wow tlaga ako :) I love ho dramatic the eyes are.

  2. great job doing her makeover! :) i miss prom nights!! if only i knew how to apply makeup better before!!! :P

  3. Ang ganda ng dress nya, nice prints.