Friday, December 07, 2012

Review : San San Hortaleza, M.D. BB Cream

 Hey lovelies!

BB Creams are still in trend! The rave started with Korean cosmetic brands expanding rapidly in our country. Then even the western brands adapted this and made BB Creams as well. Now our local brands are also making their own!

 And as a proud 'kikay' that supports our local products, I'm about to share with you a review of one from San San!

 San San Hortaleza, M.D. BB Cream

 This is actually one of their newest products along with a new cream foundation that Liz will do a review on soon.

The product is cased in a tube that holds an amount of 30ml.
It comes in the classic sky blue San San box.
A tube is worth Php149.75.

 Here are details on the product.

It promises the following:
Lightens dark spots
SPF 43 - protects skin from sun damage
 Vitamins A, C and E - nourishes skin
Squalane and Hyaluronic Acid to provide moisture for the skin
Has antioxidants

You can also see the ingredients, directions for use, precautionary advice, manufacturing date and expiration date on the box.

 It has a pump where you get the product from so it is very easy to control the amount you want to get.

 The product is creamy, a bit thicker than the other BB Creams I've tried. It has a dark warm tone too. I was surprised since this is probably the darkest shade I've seen for a BB cream. Made me worry that it maybe too dark for me, plus, having an acidic skin might make it oxidize more and make it darker.

 It's easy to blend though and dries fast. It has a matte finish too which I prefer a lot.
The scent is very mild, barely noticeable. 

Here are pictures of my cheek without and with the product
 The coverage is very impressive. It covered most of my acne marks! And it even has that healthy dewy finish too!
But as you can see, the BB Cream's finish is one shade darker than my skin. 

So what I did was...

 I used a lighter shade of loose powder to finish the look so it's now closer to my natural skin color. :)

And here's a picture again of my cheek when I got home after 5 hours without retouching nor even blotting my face from oiliness.

A bit oily but no signs of caking or fading!
It actually still looks great! It didn't oxidize and actually matched my skin throughout the time I was wearing it which made me so relieved! Yayy!

♥ SPF 43 - I was impressed with this the most
♥ Has vitamins A, C, E
♥ Has those scientific names that moisturizes your skin - HAHA!
♥ Long Lasting
♥ Affordable
♥ Locally Available
♥ Easy to blend
♥ Has warm tone suitable for Filipina skin
♥ Great coverage
♥ Mildly scented

♥ The shade is a bit dark 
(but can easily be fixed with a lighter foundation/loose powder) 

Do I recommend it?
Yes. Especially to those who are just starting to try out using BB Creams. It's affordable and easy to apply. I think it is also perfect to the morenas out there who are tired of trying out BB creams that are usually too light or gives off a greyish/pinkish finish on them.

I'm actually very impressed with this. Been using it for a whole straight week and it hasn't let me down yet. I'm happy that our local brands are stepping up with their products! Kudos to HBC San San! :D

Have you tried this new San San Product yet? What do you think about it?



  1. This blends well on my skin as well as my sister's skin, which is about two shades deeper than mine.

    I'm loving it too! Been using it for more than two weeks. It evens out my skin and conceals undereye circles while looking natural. Doesn't control oil well, though.

  2. Hi Dawn! This BB cream comes in only one shade ba?

  3. I wish HBC would start selling this in their online shop soon already! I can't always get to Trinoma to check out the HBC there :(

  4. Same question with Janine. Do you think it will suit my skin tone? Naku, wala akong lighter shade ng loose powder :( What I got has the exact shade talaga sa skin tone ko.

  5. wow, they have bb cream nadin!! nice loved it~ thanks for sharing ^_~

  6. A local BB cream yay!
    Thanks for the review

  7. I do believe this is only available in one shade... Sad. But it's still a good product nonetheless. :)

  8. Oh wow, that's awesome though that the shade is so tan and beige and not pink and so fair like most bb creams! I think darker is better, you can always find something lighter to mix in with it! Great before and after, it looks like great coverage!

  9. This BB Cream is perfect for morena skinned Filipinas. Galing. I love the coverage super! Been using it everyday and will purchase after mine runs out. :)

  10. Sharlynn - So true!

    Gellie- glad you love this! I would too if it wasn't way too dark for my skin. :P