Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Early December Haul Post

Hey everyone!

The holidays are just around the corner and shops are having their end of the year sale! 
It's so hard not to buy anything!

But since I have my mom with me last weekend, I immediately grabbed the opportunity to make "pa-cute" and got her to buy me stuff while she feels like being generous. I didn't hear the "May trabaho ka!" line at all! Hahaha!

Anyway, here are my purchases...

I don't even know why I have these. My mom just went inside M&S and bought them. I included them here since they are really yummy and the pape rbags are cute. Haha!

A denim blouse from Espada

A necklace from Espada as well

Leather Jacket from Forever 21

A blouse again from Forever 21

And a super colorful bag from CMG.
Been a while since I bought a bag. A colorful one at that! Looks so cute with a plain black outfit. Which I have tons of! ♥

And of course I won't forget getting more makeup! Hihihi...

 The Face Shop Face It All About Gel Liner
Baviphat Magic Girls Plus BB Cream
Sachets of Skin79 Snail BB cream and Skin79 Super BB cream

And finally,
 A lipstick-shaped ring!
I wear it whenever I wear an uber red lipstick! Haha! ♥

That's all. Been buying shoes and clothes lately. Maybe I should really start doing OOTD's too... what do you think?
I'll try to resist going to malls from now on since I already quit my job (yep, I'll be penniless soon again). Haha! Wish me luck! :P



  1. Oh my cookies from M&S are always amazing! But I've been baking recently and I want to eat all home made yummies! I love that jacket, the color is beautiful and the ring is so cute! Have a great month! :)

  2. very cute bag and especially the ring! I love it!!! :)

  3. Very hard not to buy anything with the sales going on these days!

    That was nice of your mom, and nice haul too.

    Where is the lipstick ring from? :)

  4. im loving the F21 jacket so cool!! ^_~

  5. Oh my god, that bag!!! I love it! How much is it?

  6. CMG was on sale and saw that bag too. Di ako nagpadala sa temptation but I will definitely do more shopping this week! :)

  7. I love the bag!!! Nice haul Dawn. BTW, I hope you can join the fun, I just tagged you with This and that http://frozenblossomsbysenzy.blogspot.com/2012/12/beauty-tagged-this-or-that.html Lokin forward to your post. =)

  8. ooohhh, love your haul especially the bag and the lipstick ring! :)

  9. nice haul dawn! looooove the bag! :)

  10. Thank, girls! Super loving using these great finds.

    BTW, the lipstick ring was bought in Eastwood City Walk... at one of the stalls there. I wasn't able to get the name of the store e.