Thursday, December 13, 2012

Goodbye Curls! Hello Again, Straight Hair!

 Hi everyone!

Today I got my curls chopped off at Ystilo Salon at SM San Lazaro.

 And now I look like this!
Haha! I look so 'Nene' here. Hahaha!

But I am 100% sure that I'll get my hair permed again once it gets longer since I, and most of my friends as well, think that my hair with curls look best on me.

I wouldn't have had to cut them off if the permed part isn't getting so dry and getting split ends.
See? the ends are not looking as healthy as before.
 So goodbye for now, my darling curls. Will be seeing you again in a couple of months!

 And hello straight, layered, hair!
Been a while (more than a year actually) since I saw you!

 Do you think this hairstyle is too safe? Should I have gone shorter?



  1. Me too I needed to cut my hair kasi my permed hair is too dry :(

  2. you're going back to straight hair while I'm thinking of curling my hair anytime soon XD

  3. looove the new hair Dawn!



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