Thursday, December 06, 2012

'Filipinas' Most Loved' Lip and Cheek Stain Now Pre-Packed for The Holidays

Hey guys!

Are you a fan of lip and cheek tints/stains? Then you must have tried The Body Shop's then.
I believe that most kikay girls such as myself have tried this product in their lifetime. 
I can say this since this is actually one of TBS' bestsellers in almost all their stores in the Philippines. The shade fits almost all skin types and it's very easy to use so no wonder people really love it!

So if you love this product, then you'll probably love this new promo they have for the holidays!

"The old adage that 'great things come in small packages' comes true this
Christmas as the Beauty with Heart brand, The Body Shop, offers their highly-
popular Lip and Cheek Stain pre-wrapped this holidays, making gift-giving easier
and hassle-free for its customers.

This dual-purpose liquid stain comes in a small, pocket-sized tube but
packs a powerful punch of color. A few dabs on the cheek and a couple of swipes
on the lips give you an instant, natural-looking, rosy glow.

It is known as the 'Filipinas' Most Loved' as almost every high school girl
got initiated into make-up through the Lip & Cheek Stain. To make it the perfect
gift this Christmas, The Body Shop has a joyful Christmas offer of only Php 395
(regular price is 795), which makes it the ideal present for all your gal pals, co-
workers, as well as for all your female relatives.

It also is dermatologically tested and made cruelty-free, meaning it didn't
require harm to any animals, so wearers are rest assured that it isn't just good
for their skin, but good for their conscience too."

So why not grab this awesome deal and visit your nearest The Body Shop branch?
Share your love for it with your friends and family by giving it as gifts for the holidays! I'm sure they'll love it too!



  1. I don't know if it's just me or the tester I tried out, but I was disappointed when I applied it because it felt like I was just smearing on red-tinted...water. The color hardly clung to my lips no matter how many times I tried re-applying and it just barely tinted in the end. It's a shame because I was planning to get it :( Maybe it works better on cheeks for me!

  2. thanks for sharing this dear! i can finally get my hands on this lip stain! and less from its original price too, such a great holiday promo :-D

  3. Issa - it is!

    Arian - Hopefully it is just the tester. I really like this lip & cheek stain. I would have stayed with it if I had better skin. My oily skin makes me patronize powder blushes more.

    heyhanee - you're very welcome! :D