Monday, December 10, 2012

The Body Shop Wintertrend Eye Definers

Hi everyone!

Since it is December, lots of parties and celebrations happen so we do a lot of primping and cute makeup looks. 
Lately, I'm so into really red lipsticks and I partner them with warm, simple but sparkly eyeshadows. 

Good thing, The Body Shop's theme for the holidays matches the look I like! ♥
Just so I could give you a heads-up on what eye makeup look I do, let me introduce to you these two essential items I usually use nowadays...

The Body Shop Wintertrend Eye Definers 

I have 2 of the 4 shades available:

Golden Brown

Pure Gold

Each pencil costs Php 550.00 and is 1.25g.

It has a long life span of 2 years!

These babies are very pigmented and they are shimmery, metallic too! Fit for a radiant holiday look! See the swatches below!

I use the golden brown to line my eyes, usually at the upper and lower lash line. Even if it is metallic, it can be applied on the inner rims of the eyes.
I use the Pure Gold one on the inner corner and inner lower lash line.

I shall show you an EOTD post about the look I do in a separate post where I tackle one of The Body Shop's Winter Trend Eyeshadow Palette. Hope you could watch out for it!



  1. Yung brown looks like the metallic brown pencil i got from Spring which I lost...waaah! I wanna go back to PBCOM!

  2. looks interesting...hmm I think I'll include this on my "to buy" list :)

  3. OOooohhh puuurrttyyy. Like both of the colors!


  4. pinkoolaid - I'll visit Ms. Spring soon! Haha!

    niichan - yay! I hope you like it when you finally get one!

    CJ - I like both too! :)