Saturday, December 29, 2012

My December Salad Box

Hello ladies and gents!

My Salad Box for the month of December just arrived yesterday and I'd like to share with you what the contents are.
and here they are!
It's lighter than the last two boxes.
Sample bottle of Alyssa Ashley Musk in Dangerous But Fun
Carmex Lip Balm
Virginia Olsen Mineral Blush in Bronzer Wood Matte and 2 Sophia Eyelash Enhancer GC worth Php500.
Ciate Mini Polishes
Probably the best among the bunch! I'll finally get to try the Caviar nails!
Urbanears Gift Voucher worth Php300.

Honestly, I am quite disappointed for this month's box. The only thing I was excited about was the caviar nails. The rest were things I wouldn't be interested to try out. these are mostly GC's now and it's not what I thought these boxes are for. I thought it should be sample items delivered to your doorstep so that if you like a certain product, that's when you go to the store and buy the standard size.
But with these GC's, you'll have no choice but to go to the store just so you can maximize what you paid for these boxes.

I will give another chance for The Salad box and hopefully they give a better selection on next month's box. If not, then I'll just place my money on a better one.



  1. you should check out (dec onlinei issue) for their take on the best beauty box out there. it helped me considering i currently buy these so i hope it helps you as well :)

  2. Thanks for the link. I'm quite jealous of friends that subscribed to other beauty boxes. Oh well. :P

  3. Kakainis yung laman. :| Other bloggers had the full-sized version of Sophia Eyelash Enhancer. Have you seen Glamourbox? Yung December nila may Benefit mascara and VMV lipstick! Grabe noh. I wanted to subscribe then and there, pero sold out lahat ng plans nila.

  4. Hi peachy sisters!

    I just got my December Saladbox too and I was so annoyed, sobrang letdown.

    Do check out this post of mine for my take on the 4 sampling services here in the Philippines so you can settle on the best brand for you :)

  5. Wow this box sucks big time. I like that they give out full size products but that is like 3 products only and giving out lip balms for two months straight is boring. Other boxes give more than 5 items, most are tiny products but there is one big product you would really want to have and use.

  6. puro bloggers magaganda ung box. i paid for 6 months sinc oct i havent got anything good puro GC :( magbblog na nga lang dn ako. huhu ciate :(

  7. Got only one Ciate! :))) Last box ko na from Saladbox. I cancelled last November. Two lip balms and two alyssa ashley scents in a row. Lol.

  8. Helen - True. Nakakainis nga. I wish I signed up for a different box tuloy.

    Tellie - Thanks for the link! At least it gave me an idea on which box to switch to.