Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Review : Camaru Naturals Bamboo Charcoal Clarifying Soap

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For today's post, here's a review on...
 Camaru Naturals Bamboo Charcoal Clarifying Soap
I got this from my October Salad Box.
But you can purchase a 135g bar for only Php 150.00 and can be ordered online on their website.

I barely know much about Camaru Naturals before I got this bar.
I've seen some posts regarding this from other blogs and they do say that it is a must-try. Since I have been focusing on my skin care lately, I was excited when I saw that this is included in my Salad Box.

Once I opened the packaging, this is what I saw:

A soap that is charcoal black in color!
I tried smelling it and it's scent is quite different from any common soaps out there. It is neither citrus-y nor floral - I can't really describe the exact smell. It's not all bamboo but it is safe to say that it is mildly scented so it is not much of a concern for me.
So upon visiting their website, I saw this photo about this particular soap:

Interesting, eh?
Which really hyped up my excitement since I have oily, acne-prone skin!

So I did a little more browsing at their website and found these interesting infos regarding this soap:

Bamboo Charcoal also called "Takesumi" in Japanese, is widely used in Japan to rejuvenate the skin. This natural element has been used in Japan for many years because of its detoxifying power. It has naturally occurring anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. It effectively cleanses and unclogs pores, removing impurities and dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin, leaving skin supple, delicate and smooth.The bamboo charcoal soap, acts as an antioxidant and regular use can help clear blemished skin.

Activated bamboo charcoal is added to the organic soap to allow it to draw dirt from deep inside the pores. This gives the acne skin a clean like no soap can clean and the feeling is quite noticeable. Once our pores our cleaned thoroughly our body provides natural moisturizes back to the acne skin allowing the skin to breathe plus leaving the skin incredibly soft and revitalized. Unlike bamboo charcoal soap, most soaps will leave a residue on our skin after washing and this blocks the skins natural moisturizers from coating the skin.

Strong odor control - Super clean feeling
 The combination of bamboo activated charcoal and glycerin in our soap is what gives this organic soap it's ability to clean & moisturize your skin and keep you feeling fresh all day long. Minutes after washing with a typical soap you feel your skin oils start to return, this is because they only clean on the outside of the skin. To unclog the dirt that builds up under our body skin use bamboo charcoal soap to daily and you will smell how clean your skin is. Great for sports enthusiasts and people with odor problems. You need a bar of this in your gym bag to clean you after a sweaty workout. Results are seen and felt after the first use.

Phew! That was quite long, huh?
But upon reading these, I thought that this is the soap for me! I have been battling with pimples and acne for oh so long and I am just desparate to find a solution for it! But of course I am looking for something that I can afford and something that is also safe for my sensitive skin.
So anyway, let's explore the packaging first.
Camaru Naturals, being an environmentally friendly brand, packaged the soap in paper instead of plastic. It's also cruelty-free, meaning they do not test on animals. And oh, did I mention that their products are 100% Philippine made? Cool!

Labeled in their packaging is the manufacturing and expiration date.
It also says that it is Paraben Free which is a really good thing! Click here to know why.
Directions for use, Ingredients, Product Description and Manufacturer's details are also included.

So on to the soap...

The foam created by the soap is of greyish color. It's not something that you'll actually look forward to with soaps since it might seem like you're all dirty. Though it does have a somehow silky feeling on skin.

But once you rinse it off, you will have a clean squeeky feeling!

I am almost done with my first bar in a matter of 2 to 3 weeks. It dissolves quickly but it's not something new to me since I'm used to using organic soaps.

Regarding my acne/bacne problem, it's still there.
It did help lessen the appearances though but I still get a few every now and then.
I dunno if it really whitens since I have somewhat fair skin now (I am always indoors... booo). What I like about this soap is that even if it promises to fight pimples and other impurities, it never dried my skin like other soaps that promises the same effect.

So that's all for my thoughts regarding Camaru Naturals Bamboo Charcoal Clarifying Soap. ♥

Have you tried this soap yet? How about other Camaru Naturals products?




  1. interesting. I might try if there's any bamboo soap here in Brunei.

  2. I've had this before but wasn't able to use it cos my mom like used it for herself lang. lol

    would love to buy one again so i can use it the next time. hahaha!