Sunday, December 09, 2012

Review: Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion

Hello ladies!

It's nearing Christmas again, and you know what that means... GIFTS! Well, actually the coming of Christ... but well, other than that what else do we look forward to right?

One of the things I've listed on my wish list for our exchange gift is a little snow... what I'm talking about is Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion.

If you'll remember, Laneige put up a Facebook promo introducing this innovative BB cream of theirs. Luckily for me, I was able to grab one.

At first, I did not think much of it... I mean BB Cream in a cushion... hmm... plus I was still very much infatuated with the All-in-One BB cream of The Body Shop so getting another BB cream just felt like me having one too many. But now, I just can't go out of the house without it.

Here are the reasons why I love it.

The BB cream offers and SPF 50+ PA+++, something that I totally go for. I like products with high spfs incorporated in them. For most of the day, I'm exposed to the sun since I walk back and forth to school so I really need sunscreen. Plus, an all inclusive product saves a lot of time with application.


Mine is still the trial one, but it's not so different from the full version one. The sponge is indeed an innovation,  which I find is very helpful for people like me who can't control the amount of product they put on their face. It's easier to get just the right amount into your brush, puff, or fingers, you just press on the cushion lightly (or heavily depends on you) and you've got just the right amount.


Here is a picture of my bare face

and the picture after...

Coverage is minimal to moderate which is good enough for me... see how my other red spots have disappeared? The shade is still a little lighter than my natural color, but it's nothing a little loose powder can't fix.


It has a dewy finish that neither looks too oily nor too shiny as the day progresses. I tend to really oil up during the afternoon, sometimes, only 2 hours after putting on my make-up my T-zone and my cheeks start getting really oily. But I've noticed that whenever I use this product, the amount of oiliness and the visibility of that oiliness has decreased. I rarely need to touch up with powder during the afternoons, which is something I love. I'm generally a lazy kikay ... so the less I need to retouch, the better.

I've also read in another blogger's review that this product apparently cools down your skin... not so sure about that though... you might want to look that up. But since, it is the SNOW BB... maybe it's true. :)

Swatched on hand

Blended out

There are other details that I've read from another blogger's review.
As you can see, mine is still the sample size. Full size is similar except for one detail (other than the size of course), the applicator. I got intrigued by it since the applicator that comes with the sample is like any other sponge which sucks up most of the product before you even get any into your face. The full size one's applicator is apparently special... so would want to try that too.

I've been using a foundation brush to apply it on my face, which works well with me. I hope I'd be able to get the full sized one (P 1,950 = 1 compact with product + 1 refill; P950 - refill) cause my sample's running out.

Anyway, hope this has helped you. :)



  1. I've been wanting to try this for quite some time now, but I've been holding back because it's quite expensive and I've got a few products I want to use up first. I didn't know they had a sample size! I'll be on the lookout for that. And yes, I've tried the sample they had in the store and the applicator is very nice. ^_^

    Maris - GlamPenguins

  2. Oh wow, this looks sooo awesome! Id love to try that texture, it seems so melty to the skin and I'd kill for a small size to try! I think i'd powder on top quite a bit still

  3. This actually looks pretty interesting. I think I might try this when I run out of my Tony Moly BB cream, Liz! Thanks for the review!