Saturday, December 29, 2012

Review : The Face Shop Clean Face Oil-free BB Cream

Hi lovelies!
Having oily skin is a bit, no, REALLY annoying especially since I love wearing makeup. Blotting is necessary every now and then and makeup, especially those with heavy coverage, makes my face more oily. I tried using water-based ones but it's not long-lasting or too expensive for me.
But now that my face is starting to clear up from the dark marks I got from pimples, I could use makeup with less coverage (though I still prefer heavy ones since I'm lazy to use concealer, haha). I'm currently experimenting on foundations and BB creams so I am willing to try out what I think is interesting, even if I haven't read any reviews about them which I usually do before.
I saw this BB cream some months ago and got curious about it since it is water-based and it smells so good, I bought it!
 The Face Shop Clean Face Oil-free BB Cream
This is around Php765.00 in stores.
It has 35ml and has a life span of 1 year.
Oh, this is my first BB Cream from the brand! :)

Front and back pictures of the tube where you'll see a few descriptions of the product and its ingredients.


A BB cream for bright and light make-up. Covers up skin troubles and freckles. Tested for sensitive skin.


After toner & lotion, get adequate amount on the skin
For cleaner skin look,
Put sun block before BB cream
 For better protection of skin
Put BB cream before sun block
For better coverage
Put sun block , BB cream and foundation
This is for all skin types
Has Chamomile extract
Quick Clear Complex
New and improved Quick' Clear Complex treats oily or problem skin more quickly and effectively
This is a swatch of the product. It's kind of gray for my warm tones skin (I'm NC25).
It smells really good. Sort of a mild floral scent. I really like the smell.
It feels light on skin and it's so silky that it's so easy to blend. I feel like I didn't apply anything when I use it.
Here are my before and after pictures when I use it:

It made my skin a bit greyish. It has minimal coverage as well.
I'm not quite satisfied with the product alone. I have to use sun block (this BB Cream doesn't have SPF), concealer and a higher coverage powder foundation to have a better looking skin and get my complexion looking more natural.

This is a picture of my cheek after 6 hours of no retouching nor even blotting my face with an oil film. It's less oily than when I use a heavy coverage liquid foundation I normally use. Though I think I didn't use a good enough concealer here in this pic... haha! :P
I never experienced any skin irritation nor breakouts when I use this BB cream. :)
So to sum it all up:
Light, silky feeling
Easy to apply
Smells good
No skin irritation
No breakouts
Nice packaging
Locally available
Greyish tone
Super minimal coverage
Comes in one shade only.
Would I buy again?
Probably not. I'm willing to try other BB Creams and I prefer those that are yellowish since my skin is yellow-toned. And I like my BB with SPF so I could skip the sun block part. Haha!
But I'm really impressed with how it feels and its scent though! It can be a really good primer. :)
Have you tried this BB Cream yet? How about other ones from The Face Shop?


  1. Too bad it doesn't have SPF, but at least it holds true to its oil-free claim. I'm loving TFS' Power Perfection BB atm. :)

    Anyhoo, happy New Year, Dawn and Liz! More peachy pink posts in 2013! :)

  2. A friend of mine bought this a few months ago and wanted to buy another tube but surprisingly, we can't seem to find it anymore! We've checked The Face Shop branches in Greenbelt, Megamall, and Robinson's Galleria.

    Do you still see any, Dawn? We're just really surprised to see it go ka-poof and can't understand why!

  3. Yeah, for those of us trying to cover scars we need more coverage! I know their other bb creams have much higher coverage! Do check the rest out, I've yet to buy any bb creams from them, I may in the near future! Thanks for sharing about this one! ^^

  4. SanSan BB Cream it is still for me ;)

  5. Czjai - Haven't tried that! Would like to sometime when I get to finish at least one of these BB creams I have. LOL

    Arian - I've bought this for a couple of months already but I got it online. I'll check out some branches for you that I frequent though. :)

    Sharlynn - Yes, I heard they have other BB creams with better coverage. I just hope they have one with high coverage and good oil control. :P

    Gellie - It does perform rather well and for a more affordable price at that. :)