Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bad Service Report

Hello ladies,

A year ago, we learned a very important lesson about spas and facial promos that you get online or that are given to you by friends, ALWAYS CALL AHEAD before going to their place regardless of whether they put it in their website or their coupon or what not... and from then on, we've always tried to call ahead in ANY establishment to check whether they could accommodate us before we go there so as not to waste time.

Because nobody wants to waste their time waiting for nothing, right? And that was what we believed we wouldn't be experiencing (wasting time for nothing) when we went to Crescens Skin Care and  Spa last Friday.

Dawn had recently started subscribing to Salad Box and got 2000 worth of gift certificates for skin care treatment at Crescens Skin Care and Spa which was located at The Fort. Since Liz has been wanting to get a facial treatment for a long time, we'd decided to go.


We had called them three days prior to our visit and had told them that we would be coming in at Friday around 4-5 pm. They said ok they'd be expecting us and to also text it so they'd have a copy of the time we said that we'd be coming in. Around this time, we thought they'd have already booked us so we were quite excited to get our skin care treatments come Friday.

After finally getting a cab that was willing to take us to The Fort we arrived at Crescens around 4:30 (still within our promised time) to find out that the receptionist did not know who we were. We were assuming that since we've called earlier, and since Dawn had already mentioned that we called, she'd be looking for our names in the scheduled clients... but she did not do any of that and instead told us that we would not be able to avail the services we wanted since they were already full for that time. We asked for the next available time, and she said it would be around 8 pm and even then it would be one person at a time.

Reluctantly, we agreed and waited it out... then at around 6 pm, they texted that we wouldn't be able to get the facials at 8 but now at 9 pm and that only one of us can get the service. They offered that the other get the body scrub instead so we can get the services. That, or we come back tomorrow for it which a big hassle in truth. 

We tried calling them to get a better explanation at why we're being moved to some later time and why they've obviously skipped over us in their scheduling, but the person at the other line hung up on Liz after she said "Hello, Crescens?".

We ended up not getting the treatments and not getting any apologies for the hassle they've caused us.

Now we really would not have minded getting canceled on. We just hope they'd have texted us that morning that they had not actually wrote us in the schedule so that we'd not have wasted time, money, effort, and energy. We have absolutely no idea about how good their services are, but in as far as this thing went, they have A LOT to improve on in making sure that they don't unnecessarily inconvenience their clients/potential clients. For starters, maybe fixing their booking procedures so that what happened to us won't happen to others.

Hope this reaches them and they improve on it.


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  1. oh my! sorry to hear your experience! Saludo ako sainyo because both of you still have patience to wait until 9pm. Kung ako siguro nagwala na ako ng bongga to think I already made an appointment! Then papa-wait pa ako! tsk tsk tsk~ If they don't want to service clients then why even bother offering GC's to their partners!Needs improvement talga yun service nila~ Thanks for sharing this! I hope this would bring to their attention!